Two Accidents Minutes Apart On Memorial Blvd in Springfield Friday

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Two accidents occurred within minutes of each other shortly before noon on Good Friday in Springfield. One driver (a female) hit a telephone pole then went airborne according to one witness and proceeded to hit a second pole in the area of Hutch Pool & Spa on Memorial Blvd.

The first pole was completely severed and then acted as a ramp sending the SUV airborne. After impacting the first pole the SUV still had enough momentum to nearly take out a second pole.   (Location Of Wreck) The driver was grounded to Northcrest Medical Center with Non-life threatening injuries. This accident will take some time to clean up so if you are passing through there expect delays until about 3PM

The second accident involving an SUV was a minor rear-end incident with no injuries at the intersection of Memorial & Tom Austin.  Last Friday a similar situation of two accidents occurred within minutes of each other on the same stretch of road on Memorial Blvd. See Last  Friday’s REPORT

At 1:06 PM a third accident was reported in front of Wendy’s On Memorial.

It’s raining and folks are in a hurry. Be safe and keep a close eye on other drivers.

Jim Ball reporting March 29, 2013

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Latest Comments
  1. leah

    Thank y’all for the prayers. Hurting like crazy today but alive!!

  2. Nancy

    In case any of my family saw this, it is not me, although I have a SUV just like it. I am already getting calls so just to let everyone know I have not been driving today.

  3. Chris

    Remember back in the 70’s when poles split cars in two? Oh how times have changed. Glad to see no one was seriously injured.

    • leah

      Speed wasn’t an issue here. Hydroplaning was the issue. Believe me…I was the one riding that rollercoaster!

  4. Kathy Warden

    Glad it was a older model SUV not a lot of damage

    • leah

      They actually want to total it out. I am still just in shock.