Two Beauty Shops Burglarized Thanksgiving Morning

Downtown Springfield TN

Two beauty shops a block apart in downtown Springfield were burglarized Thanksgiving morning. Satchell’s Beauty Salon located at 106 8th Ave E (Satchell’s is in the same building as Jackson Sales), and just down the hill and around the corner Split Endz located 505 Hill Street, both in Springfield, TN.
According to police they were broken into between 7 and 9 AM Thanksgiving morning. Other than drawers left open and beauty supplies moved around neither beauty shop seemed to have anything missing. Andrea Satchell, the owner of Satchell’s Beauty Salon said nothing seemed to be missing and other than the door nothing was really broken. Criminals like to target businesses on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas because most businesses are closed and the area around them deserted and quiet leaving few witnesses. The Springfield police know this and had stepped up patrol but somehow these criminals managed to slip past them.

The Springfield police are fingerprinting both businesses this morning. If there is a hit in the fingerprint database and a subsequent arrest(s) we’ll let you know.

Springfield police are also taking a careful survey of all downtown businesses to see if there are any more break-ins this morning.

If you have any information on this or any other crime in Springfield please call (615) 384-8422 the Police Department also operates a Crime Stoppers telephone line. Anyone wishing to provide information about any crime can call (615) 382-3799. Persons providing information remain anonymous and can earn up to one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) for the information provided. For more information about Crime Stoppers contact Lieutenant William Watkins by calling (615) 384-8422, ext. 240.

Jim Ball reporting Nov. 22, 2012
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