Two deer hit in same spot minutes apart on Hwy 49 In Springfield

Around 5:45PM Thursday evening a jeep heading towards Springfield on Hwy-49 struck a deer. Then as the driver of the Jeep was waiting for the police to come take a report, a second vehicle struck another deer also heading towards Springfield.

The driver of the white car saw the deer and was able to slow down significantly but it all happened so fast that a motorcycle behind her was not able to stop and rear-ended her car. The motorcycle rider was taken to Northcrest Medical Center via ground with non life threatening injuries.

For what ever reason the deer are still moving around so please take a little speed off the dial and keep a keen eye out as you pass through more rural areas. Since “rural” for the most part defines Robertson County, I guess we all need to slow down a tad, especially with the colder temperatures.

If you see a deer don’t swerve, slow down if you can but swerving will increase the odds of your car finding a tree. A ranger told me that if you just keep on your path (and perhaps slow down) in most cases the deer will miss you. It’s the panicking that causes most of the bad wrecks involving a deer.

Location of wreck–>

Jim Ball reporting December 11, 2012