Unusual Accident In Springfield Saturday Night

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Unusual Accident In Springfield Saturday Night

Smokey Barn News, August 3, 2013

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: Smokey Barn News) – A rollover accident occurred around 10:30 PM Saturday evening. Luckily no one was hurt. The occupants (two teenage females) climbed out of the sunroof.  After the vehicle left the roadway it encountered the guidewire for the utility pole which lifted the front passenger side up and tossed the vehicle on its side.

The accident caused the pole to oscillate shorting out electrical wires generating a rather big spark. The driver said it was scary. The passenger said she decided not to watch and closed her eyes. Luckily the support cable stopped the vehicle and prevented it from impacting the pole.

At the time of the accident, there was a momentary power outage all the way into downtown Springfield. The area directly surrounding the accident lost power for a longer period.

Why the driver left the roadway was not immediately clear.  The driver’s father showed up at the scene and seemed very understanding. There was also no indication that officers suspected impairment, it was just a bit of bad luck.

If you live near Bill Jones Industrial and Old Greenbrier Pike you may experience intermittent power outages as crews make repairs.

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