UPDATE: Bransford Elementary School Open During Boiler Repairs

Bransford School
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Bransford slider Smokey Barn News, December 12, 2013 

A Smokey Brief..

Bransford Elementary, located at 700 Bransford Drive in Springfield has had a heating system malfunction. The problem is apparently a boiler and effects about half the building.

They are going to replace the boiler that drives the central heating system and it should be fully operational within a few days. In the interim a temporary solution has been instituted with the approval of the Fire Marshal. The school is employing temporary portable heaters.

Reports that the school is cold and you need to dress your children warmly are incorrect, the school has plenty of heat for your children. An initial caution to parents to have children dress warmly proved to be unneeded. Sufficient heat has been provided by auxiliary sources, according to Robertson County Schools communications coordinator Jim Bellis

There will be no interruption in the school’s schedule for faculty or students.

Jim Ball reporting
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