Warrant Issued For Attorney Fletcher Long WSMV Reports:

Channel  4  reports a harassment warrant was issued in Montgomery County for Fletcher Long.
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Warrant Issued For Attorney Fletcher Long, WSMV Channel 4 Reports: 


WSMV Channel 4 is reporting  that a harassment warrant has been issued in Montgomery County for one of Vandenburg’s attorneys, Fletcher Long.

The harassment warrant has been issued but not served yet. The Channel 4 I-Team has also learned that an order of protection has been granted against Long, according to Channel 4

According to Channel 4, The complaint comes from Long’s former Director of Operations at his Clarksville-based law firm.

The I-Team has obtained the order of protection issued on behalf of Christie Overstreet Hill and her 7-year-old son. The order only said that Long stalked Overstreet Hill. The warrant itself is not public record because it hasn’t been served. The Channel 4 I-Team has confirmed text messages are at the heart of the complaint.

The I-Team has obtained those text messages, which are graphic in nature.

The texts threaten Overstreet Hill not to blackmail and uses racial slurs.

A spokesman for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said he has not yet turned himself in.

For the full story (including a video) go to WSMV Channel 4 by following  this link. Channel 4 told Smokey they are uncovering more information and will have a full report at 5 o’clock tonight.

Jim Ball reporting

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  1. Lisa

    Well I am glad the other foxes in the hen house have been caught. I know personally and know what happened. I know that this is not the only client that he has did this till. I am glad that all this has caught up with him and hope that TBI comes to me to talk

  2. sonny freeman

    Big question in Springfield is did he sleep with your wife or girl friend? I mean you really don’t no do we?