What’s Going In Next To Kroger In Springfield?

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What’s Going On Next to Kroger In Springfield? 

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Smokey has been receiving about ten emails and FB messages a week ever since the construction started next to Kroger in Springfield. The main question has been “What’s going in next to Kroger?” We’ve been answering all of your inquiries one by one as they came in but then someone on our team said “Aren’t we a news organization? Why not do a short story on it?” We all slapped our foreheads at the same time, so here it is.

photo 1The Dollar Tree on Memorial Blvd. next to Kroger in Springfield is moving, don’t worry, they’re just moving across the street to the other side of 17th Ave at the corner of Old Greenbrier Rd. If you are coming in from Greenbrier you will save 3.9 seconds in travel time. Sorry Springfield, the move will add 3.3 seconds to your trip. Kroger is working on plans to expand, and the Dollar Tree was apparently ready for more space too, there just wasn’t enough available real estate in the center for both of their needs.  The Dollar Tree decided to expand out on their own in a completely separate structure across the street.  For obvious reasons the Dollar Tree decided to stay at or near the same location. I shop at the Dollar Tree once every few weeks to stock up on reading glasses. I tend to either sit on them, lose them or just give them away. The beauty of the Dollar Tree is they’re all just a buck, so I buy 10 at a time and hand them out to my friends like candy.

photo 2At any rate, let me get back on track, Smokey chatted with Springfield city Manager Paul Nutting on what’s going on over there in and around Kroger, Nutting said that Kroger is expanding but at the moment they are in between plans. Nutting said it looks like they are going even bigger then the plans they first submitted, and as a result of the expansion several businesses will be displaced. Kroger is likely negotiating with the other businesses in the center and the owner of the center as well. Once the Dollar Tree is out that will make room for the other businesses to shift to the left.  The last plans submitted to the city by Kroger included a drive-thru on the left of their store. To do that, one business would obviously need to be completely removed and Kroger would then be set apart and no longer connected to the other businesses in the center. According to Nutting, “We’re just not going to really know what they’re doing until they submit their new plans.”

Kroger announced plans to expand its Springfield location some time last year. They wanted to expand out in both directions on either side of the building.  The first plan they submitted added about 20,000 square feet to Kroger. Now according to Nutting, they may be going even bigger. One anonymous source inside the Springfield store said the new plans could take Kroger up to just south of 90,000 square feet, currently Kroger sits just north of 57,000.

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