White House: Possible Sighting Of Fugitive In Algood Officer Shooting

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WHITE HOUSE TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) –There was a possible sighting  of Floyd Ray Cook and Wayne Troy in the area of I-65 and Hwy 76 in White House around 8 p.m. Wednesday evening.

Floyd Ray Cook
Floyd Ray Cook

Cook is listed on the TBI’s “Most Wanted” for attempted murder in a shooting of an Algood Officer.

There were multiple road blocks in the White House area and police advised residents to stay indoors.”If you must leave your house consider traveling in groups of two or more,” police said.

According to Tennessee Highway Patrol Lt. Bill Miller,  authorities at the scene indicated that the suspects traveled down an access road behind the gas station at the exit 108 of I-65 and Hwy 76 which is a dead end road. In the process the suspects hit another police vehicle, lost their bumper and then continued through a fence where they crashed.  At one point the suspects tried to run over a US Marshal and in self defense, the Marshal shot at the suspects. After crashing their car both suspects fled on foot and the man hunt was on.

The US Marshals office, The Robertson County Sheriff’s dept,the White House Police, Millersville Police along with the Tennessee Highway Patrol were on the scene investigating well into the night. The THP helicopter was in the air equipped with infrared to see objects hiding at night. The Nashville Metropolitan Police also assisted with their helicopter.

Bill Miller b
Lt. Bill Miller – THP

Lt. Bill Miller advised residents last night, “If you see an older white male in his 40’s or 50’s walking call 911 immediately, this is not a joke, this is real, these men are extremely dangerous, they have no intentions accept to hurt someone in order to get away and they have proven this at least three times by firing at officers on three different occasions.

“This is not a joke, this is extremely serious. Our plan of action is to end this, we will find them, our helicopters are up. We are doing everything possible. We are looking to end this tonight. We will bring them to justice. If they are captured in Robertson County they will be taken to the Robertson County jail.

If they are captured across the county line, they will be taken to the Sumner county jail. Our plan is not to play around, we are here to take care of business and get these men off the roadway before someone is killed or injured.”

Troy E Wayne
Troy E Wayne (Courtesy of Robertson County Sheriff’s Dept)

Cook is around 6 ft., 62 years old with brown hair and blue eyes and weighs around 160 pounds.

Wayne is 5’11” tall, with green eyes, short brown and gray hair, possible facial hair, and glasses weighing around 220 pounds.

Lt. Miller later reiterated, “I repeat, they are extremely dangerous. They have fired at officers three times on three separate occasions and we are using all of our resources as well as tracking dogs out in the fields. This is a serious situation,” said Lt. Bill Miller

Because of all the media coverage the authorities are received a multitude of tips and responded  to them as quickly as they could.

The Suspects were still at large at 9:57pm. and authorities continued searching out leads. According to one official, there was always a chance that the suspects could have been hiding in a home or structure so police once again told residents to stay indoors with all doors locked.

By 10:44 p.m. Police were searching culverts in the Indian Ridge subdivision in the area behind the White house Walmart.

11:29pm A female in custody

Katie Marie McCarty
Katie Marie McCarty (Courtesy of Robertson County Sheriff’s Dept)

At 11:30 p.m. Lt. Bill Miller with the THP told the media that authorities believed that there was only one male suspect in the vehicle and they had taken a female in custody by the name of Katie McCarty, 35.

Both Katie McCarty and Troy Wayne are associates of Mr Cook. Both of these individuals are believed to have been in the Cookeville area with Mr Cook during the shooting of Algood Police officer Aschari Valencia on Saturday.

Authorities were able to find  McCarty  after receiving tips about a suspicious person, the THP helicopter spotted her by air and called in ground units which took her into custody around 10:30p.m. McCarty was found in a field covered in dirt and soaking wet. In preliminary reports authorities initially believed there were two males in the vehicle. Authorities later worked to confirm that the male driver was Floyd Cook or Troy Wayne, it turned out to be Wayne. K-9 units lost the scent due to all the rain and accumulating water but returned to the suspects vehicle to regain scent and continue the search.

The interstate and side roads were opened up around 11:30 p m. but officers were still patrolling the area.

Sumner County Schools issued a statement:

ATTENTION WHITE HOUSE AREA PARENTS: We are in contact with law enforcement officials and are continuing to monitor the situation in the White House area. We will assess the situation with law enforcement officials prior to the start of school tomorrow to make the best decision possible for the safety of our White House schools.

At 12:15 a.m. White House Police Chief Pat Brady told Smokey Barn News that the second suspect ( the male) was in custody. Police were not releasing the identity of the man at that time but the man was later identified as Troy Wayne.

By 3:30 a.m. the manhunt seemed to be officially over when police announced that Troy Wayne (driver) and passenger Katie McCarty were in police custody. Wayne and McCarty  are believed to be associates of Cook. Wayne was taken into custody after a call came into 911 from a local resident indicating a suspicious person was in a yard near Stovill Drive.

Katie McCarty has an extensive criminal history and is currently wanted in the state of Arizona for conspiracy to commit murder. Authorities are still actively searching for Floyd Cook, according to Lt. Bill Miller.

At 7:a.m. Thursday morning Robertson County Schools Officials told Smokey Barn News that Robertson County Schools in White House will be on “Soft Lock Down” until further notice due to the unknown whereabouts of police shooting suspect Floyd Ray Cook. A “Soft Lock-down” means; “The school operates normally on the inside and classes are unaffected but no one goes in our out of the school that is not authorized,” according to Robertson County Schools PIO, Jim Bellis.

Bellis went on to say that no other schools in the county are affected, “Only Robertson County Schools located in White House will be on Soft Lock-down.

School officials wanted to communicate that this was a precautionary measure.

If you any information regarding this case please call TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND (1-800-824-3463).

Message from White House Mayor Michael Arnold

WHITE HOUSE, TN – On behalf of the City of White House I want to commend the efforts of law enforcement on their tireless efforts to track down two known associates of fugitive Floyd Ray Cook. Law enforcement at all levels from many agencies from near and far from White House came to our City to join us in our search. To our knowledge reports have not confirmed that Floyd Cook was involved in the sighting, pursuit, apprehension, or even in the City of White House last evening. What we do know is that known associates of Cook, Katy McCarty and Troy Wayne, were apprehended in our City. The fear our residents suffered through the evening and into the early morning hours were alleviated by the presence of so many peace officers. We with humble hearts are so appreciative of the men and women in blue who patrolled our streets and byways to restore safety to our community.


Mayor Michael Arnold

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