ALERT: Frigid Temps-Light Snow Tonight (Pets-Pipes-Plants)

ALERT: Frigid Temps-Light Snow Tonight (Pets-Pipes-Plants)

Frigid Temps Thru Thursday Following Dusting To 1″ Snow Tonight

Frozen Pipes Alert 

ROBERTSON COUNTY (MIDDLE) TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) –National Weather Service says,  enjoy the warm weather today because it’s about to change. It will start with rain this afternoon and then transition to snow late tonight through tomorrow morning followed by very frigid temps.

PIPE ALERT: Starting tonight, expect the temperatures to hover in the mid-teens with short warm-ups into the low 30’s. If you have exposed pipes be sure to allow a faucet to trickle to prevent pipes from freezing. Best to pick a faucet furthest from the water source coming into the home.

Accumulating snowfall up to an inch possible Monday night into Tuesday morning. A strong cold front will move through middle Tennessee Monday night, which will bring much colder air to the area. Initial rain late Monday afternoon will transition to a rain/snow mix in the evening followed by all snow late evening into the morning hours on Tuesday. Tuesday morning will be a slick one for most of Middle Tennessee as temperatures fall below freezing behind the front. Cold air will hang around for most of the week, so any melting on area roadways may refreeze during the evening and overnight hours, which may continue to make travel hazardous Wednesday into Thursday.

Things to remember:

If you must travel… Keep an extra flashlight, blanket… Food… And water in your vehicle in case of an emergency.

Protect your pipes!

Experts recommend letting the water trickle in a sink that is the farthest from where the water feed enters your home. It’s important to let both the hot and cold water trickle to keep pipes from freezing.

Pets & Elderly Neighbors

Bring pets in or provide extra shelter and blankets. It might also be a good idea to check up on your older neighbors to make sure they are set up for the big chill.


If you have any potted plants you have been fighting to keep alive this winter, you’ll most certainly want to bring them inside for a few days.

A Message from Robertson County Schools

“We are watching the weather ever so closely, as the forecast has changed a few times in the past 24 hours. We will keep you posted on any changes to schedules for tomorrow.” – Director Chris Causey

Stay Tuned to Smokey Barn News!! “IF” Robertson County Schools decided to close or delay classes due to frigid Temperatures or wintry weather conditions we will bring that information to you.

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