Cold Temps Spark Freezing Pipes Advisory

Cold Temps Spark Freezing Pipes Advisory

Cold Temps Spark Freezing Pipes Advisory

Frozen Pipes Alert 

ROBERTSON COUNTY (MIDDLE) TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – The Robertson County Emergency Management Agency has issued a freezing pipes alert until Wednesday.

PIPE ALERT: Expect the temperatures to hover in the low 20’s and even into the high teens in some areas with short warm-ups into the low 30’s during the day. If you have exposed pipes, be sure to allow at least one faucet to trickle to prevent pipes from freezing. It’s best to pick a faucet that’s furthest from the water source coming into the home. If you are not sure you can always trickle more than one sink. Be sure to only trickle the water and make sure the drain is clear and open.

With low temperatures continuing over several days, homes and pipes can become cold-saturated so the risk of freezing pipes increases over time.

According to officials with the Emergency Management Agency, elevated structures (homes with crawl spaces) with exposed pipes under the home are at greater risk but pipes can freeze even underground as they approach the surface.

To lower the odds of a costly repair bill, EMA recommends allowing at least one facet to trickle and open cabinet doors under sinks on outer walls.

Check On Elderly Neighbors

Be sure to check on elderly neighbors to make sure their heating systems are working properly and no extension cords are being used with electric heaters.


The low temps can also stress animals. Pets should be brought in or adequate thermal shielding should be provided.  *The current cold temperatures will produce wind chills in the teens.


If you must travel… Keep an extra flashlight, blanket… Food… And water in your vehicle in case of an emergency.

Robertson County Schools

According to Director Chris Causey, Robertson County Schools will operate on a normal schedule on Tuesday. Stay Tuned to Smokey Barn News!! IF–> Robertson County Schools decide to adjust the schedule for students in any way due to weather conditions, we will bring that information to you.

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