Conflicts Arise Over Bransford Community Center Demolition

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Conflicts Arise Over Bransford Community Center Demolition

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – The old Bransford High School in Springfield sat unused for many years after it closed in the spring of 1981 until it found new life as a community center.

Thousands of dollars, including federal dollars, were spent on the old school to make part of it usable for after school programs.  The Bransford Community Center is located as 1519 John L Patterson St. in Springfield. MAP

Parts of the building, like the gym, were in very poor shape and needed to come down
so the city hired a contractor and architect to do just that. Unfortunately, the process calvary-chili-supper-hayride-300of demolition inadvertently caused damage to restrooms in a part of the structure the city wanted to keep.

Now city officials, citing the building is just too old to save,  want to bring down the entire structure but not everyone agrees with that plan. At least two Springfield Alderman feel that the decision to tear down the entire school is premature and they want an investigation.

Springfield Aldermen Clay Sneed and Bruce Head, who are both Bransford alumni, believe the city is moving too fast with the demolition of the entire facility without even looking at or discussing the possibility that the contractor hired to bring down the gym holds any liability for the damage to the restrooms.

According to Sneed, establishing liability would trigger insurance money that could be used to repair or replace the damaged restrooms.  Sneed believes that if liability is established, the middle section of the old school should be saved.  On his own, Sneed reached out to the Architect and Engineering Board in Nashville for an investigation but according to Sneed, the city is not interested in waiting for the results.

Both Springfield Alderman’s Clay Sneed and Bruce Head agreed to on-camera interviews to let citizens know the facts of the situation before the city rushes into the demolition of the entire school. For the full story see our video report.

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