Disorderly Dad Tased/Arrested In Springfield High School Pick-Up-Line

Disorderly Dad Tased/Arrested In Springfield High School Pick-Up-Line

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – On Tuesday a parent of a Springfield High School student was tased and subsequently arrested following an altercation with police.

Two Robertson County Sheriff’s Deputies working at Springfield High School during student pick up noticed a red Volkswagon that had not pulled forward, leaving “significant space” in the car pick-up line.

According to the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office, to prevent a traffic hazard from backing up on Highway 76, one of the Deputies asked the driver to pull forward to eliminate the open space. The deputy knocked on the window but the driver, now identified as Vernon Meyer, 57, of Springfield, didn’t acknowledge. The Deputy knocked a second time and asked Meyer to again pull forward. With his window up, Meyer aggressively yelled “NO,” according to a report issued by the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office. The Deputy knocked a third time and asked Meyer to please pull forward to squeeze in more cars. Meyer again said “NO” and that “somebody else can pull in front of me, I don’t have to listen to you”. Meyer then rolled the window back up, the report stated.

At that same time, deputies were then called into the school to handle an unrelated situation. At around 3:02, the Deputies returned to the parking area and discovered that  Meyer was still parked in the same spot with the open space in front of him.

Again Deputies asked Meyer to pull forward. Meyer again rolled his window down and told Deputies that he was not pulling forward every time someone got out of line. Meyer then rolled his window back up. Again Deputies knocked and asked Meyer to pull forward and advised that if he didn’t, he would be issued a citation. According to the report,  Meyer said: “No, I won’t”. Deputies tried one more time to get  Meyer to pull forward.   “He just flipped me a bird,” one of the Deputies stated in the report. At that point, Deputies told Meyer that he was not free to leave.

One Deputy stayed with Meyer while another Deputy obtained a citation book. According to the Deputy’s account, Meyer then began blowing his horn. Meyer, now partially out of his vehicle, began yelling: “Get the f— out of my way, b—-h,” according to the Deputies.

At this point, children from Springfield high were released and exiting the building. Meyer continued to scream and curse. Meyer was also engaging in violent or threatening behavior, the report stated. At that point, Deputies asked Meyer to calm down. He continued to scream and curse, Deputies then told him that he was under arrest for disorderly conduct.

At some point, Meyer’s son came out and got into the passenger side of the vehicle. Meyer then put the car in gear and proceeded to pull forward while a Deputy told him to stop, the report stated. The report went on to say that Meyer cursed and yelled telling a Deputy to “move stupid b—-h.”

The Deputy asked Meyer to stop the vehicle and he backed up and “pulled forward getting closer as to hit me.” – “I smacked the hood of the car and told him to stop,” the Deputy stated in the report.  At this point, Meyer’s actions made the Deputy concerned for his safety. Meyer blew the car horn and yelled again for the Deputy to “fu–ing move,” the report stated. Meyer then opened the car door, partially exiting the car, and started yelling and cursing for the Deputy again to move.

During the incident, the Deputy’s asked Meyer’s child to exit the vehicle and walk away towards the school building. The student complied, according to the report.

Meyer, now back in his vehicle, attempted to shut the door on a Deputy’s leg, the report stated. The Deputy kept the door open, and ordered him several times to exit the vehicle.  Meyer continued to yell and curse and was actively resisting. Deputies advised him several times that he would be tased if he continued. Deputies attempted to grab Meyer’s arm, and he pulled away.  Meyer then stated, “I’m not doing s–t.” It was at this point that one of the Deputies fired a Taser. According to the report, Meyer pulled at least one of the probes off him and continued to argue.

Meyer finally exited the vehicle, and after several commands to turn around he did so. Meyer was taken into custody at that point. He was then transported to the Robberson County detention facility in Springfield. Meyer was charged with Assault and disorderly conduct. His bond was set at $2000.00

Meyer was also issued a citation for failing to obey a police officer.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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