Dog House Fire Ignites Neighbors Garage In Greenbrier, Investigators Say

Dog House Fire Ignites Neighbors Garage In Greenbrier, Investigators Say

GREENBRIER TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Thanks to the efforts of local firefighters, a Greenbrier home is still standing after the home’s detached garage became a fireball Sunday evening.

The home is located near Orchard Dr and Church St in Greenbrier. The first call came into 911 just after 10 pm. MAP

According to Greenbrier Fire Chier Kyle Hamill,  preliminarily, his team is leaning towards a neighbors doghouse as the trigger. Though there are some complexities in the determination of the exact cause for the ignition source for the doghouse, based on “burn patterns” it appears that an electrical cord for a heat lamp or heat source ignited the doghouse which in turn ignited the fence between the two homes. From there, investigators believe the fire leaped from the fence to the neighbor’s garage. Hamill added that the investigation is still ongoing.


When firefighters first arrived the fire was already scorching the home. The Greenbrier Fire Department was the first on scene and quickly began putting water on the fire. With the assistance of the Ridgetop Fire Department, the White House Community Volunteer Fire Department, the Robertson County Emergency Management Agency, and the Greenbrier Police Department, the home was saved.  “Without their great work, the home would have suffered heavy damage or worse. It was a great stop,” Chief Hamill said.

The garage has been classified as a total loss and the home suffered minor damage to its facade, Hamill said. No injuries were reported.

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