Dog Saves Family From Home Fire

The Biggs family in Ridgetop learned that your dog doesn’t have to be big to save your life.

At just a little before 2:30AM Tuesday morning March 19th at 2017 Liebengood Road,  Jim and Karen Biggs’s little Pomeranian started barking and alerted the couple that something was amiss. A glance out the window of their trailer showed their home which was sitting just ten feet away was engulfed in flames.  At that point the flames were already leaping over at the small trailer. The Biggs were staying in the trailer while they remodeled the home.

As any firefighter will tell you oxygen can be slowly replaced by noxious gases and before you know it, you are too mentally impaired to leave.  As the oxygen goes down it’s like being drunk. The advanced warning by the little dog is likely to have saved both the couple and the trailer too according to Greenbrier Fire Chief Billy Willson. The Biggs just payed off the home some weeks ago and it was not presently insured.  The trailer was damaged by the fire but was insured.

Thankfully the Biggs’s walked away unharmed, however several baby chickens died in the blaze. The chickens were in an incubator. As far as the cause of the fire, Greenbrier Fire Chief Billy Wilson is leaning towards a short in the incubator  A second dog that was in the house was singed but escaped the fire when Mr. Biggs opend the door.

Responding to the blaze were Greenbrier, Ridgetop and White House Community Volunteer Fire Departments. Robertson County E. M. S. also responded.\fire3192013 057fire3192013 084 fire3192013 152Photo Courtesy of the White House Community Volunteer Fire Dept.
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Photo Courtesy of the White House Community Volunteer Fire Dept.

IMG_2860 Photo Courtesy of the White House Community Volunteer Fire Dept.IMG_2859IMG_6959 IMG_6960 IMG_6961 IMG_6962

Jim Ball reporting March 19th 2013

Robertson County Funeral Home