Father-Daughter Unharmed In Rollover Accident On Edgar Dillard

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father and daughter unharmed in rollover slider

Smokey Barn News
Tuesday April 15, 2014
Greenbrier, Tenn.

Father-Daughter Unharmed In Rollover Accident 

IMG_4886A 21 year old father and his 18 month old daughter in a 1995 Toyota Forerunner are miraculously unharmed after a rollover accident at the intersection of Betts Rd & Edgar Dillard Rd in Greenbrier. The accident occurred around 8:30PM Tuesday evening. Smokey spoke to the father, who told us “The breaks got stiff and we went off the road.” After going off the road the vehicle rolled down a steep embankment finally landing on its side.

IMG_4892Larry Fleeman (Pictured below in his pickup) a salesmen with Tuff Construction, told Smokey he was driving by and heard someone yelling. Fleeman stopped and assisted the two navigate over the fence and then helped keep the young girl warm until medics could arrive.

As we all know, the roads in Robertson County are not too forgiving sometimes. Just a few inches one way or the other and you’re off the road, upside down and at the bottom of a ravine. Smokey’s just glad that the young dad and his daughter will be able to sit around the table in 30 years and tell the tale of the night Dad rolled the car.

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Larry Fleeman

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