Fire Causes Heavy Damage To Home Adjacent To Highland Crest

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Fire Causes Heavy Damage To Home Adjacent To Highland Crest


Officials say a lightning strike is the cause of the fire. 

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – A home located at 180 Laureate Ave, adjacent to Highland Crest College Campus, in Springfield (MAP) suffered heavy damage after a fire that broke out just after 2AM Friday morning.

The resident, Matt Richardson, told Smokey Barn News that he woke up to the smell of smoke. He said he tried to put some water on it to no avail so he grabbed the dog, ran outside and called 911.

UPDATE: According to Springfield Fire Chief Jimmy Hamill, the cause of the fire has been classified as a lightning strike.

Chief Hamill told Smokey Barn News that the lightning entered the structure and traveled around the home behind the walls igniting numerous fires along the way.  See video report above for more details.

Over in the Coopertown area, Heads Freewill Baptist Church MAP was damaged by flooding. See photos below. “I have seen it flood many times but never like this,” Perry Fisher said.

Christa Walker told Smokey Barn News that anytime there are big storms the church becomes flooded but last night was the worst that she can recall.

“The reason for this is the culvert the county has laid down under the road to allow flow of the creek that runs behind the building. Brush gets caught and water backs up. This has happened my entire life (30 years) and there has been no move to correct it.

“It seems like the easy solution would to be to move the church but the building is in fact one of the oldest in Robertson County (founded and built in 1840). The reason for its inconvenient location along the creek is because it was built before running water and lights and many of the families there today are descendants of the original founders.

“It is so sad to watch part of Robertson County’s history fall apart due to faulty civil engineering,” Walker said.

The church also flooded back in 2013. Click here for photo album.


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