Fleeing Suspect Tries To Hit Greenbrier PD Head On, Driver Captured After 21-Mile Pursuit


Fleeing Suspect Tries To Hit Greenbrier PD Head On, Driver Captured After 21-Mile Pursuit

Fleeing Suspect Tries To Hit Greenbrier PD Head-On, Driver Captured After 21-Mile Pursuit

GREENBRIER, TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – A Nashville man is behind bars after he was clocked by Greenbrier Police moving at a high rate of speed through the city.

Officers observed the vehicle traveling through Greenbrier at a high rate of speed around 11:25 pm Saturday night. The vehicle was a dark-colored Ford Escape traveling southbound on Highway 41 S.  The vehicle failed to yield, according to Greenbrier Police Captain Todd Dorris.

During the pursuit, the vehicle (on two separate occasions) turned around and drove at Greenbrier Officer Adam Tate head-on. Officer Tate was able to avoid the first attempt but on the second attempt, he was not as lucky. As the suspect’s car drove at him, Tate was able to avoid a head-on collision but did strike the Ford Escape on the driver’s side front door. The impact damaged Tate’s vehicle in a “side swipe-type collision.”

The pursuit continued some 21 miles to the area of Post Rd and Hillwood Blvd in Nashville. MAP The pursuit ended when the suspect pulled into a driveway with a gate and was trapped. After a brief conversation with a Metro Police K9 and some impressive barking, the suspect surrendered and was taken into custody without incident.

John Wallace Kinloch II
John Wallace Kinloch II RC JAIL

Thanks to good police work by Greenbrier Police and Metro Nashville, no injuries were reported by the public or anyone involved in the pursuit.

According to Greenbrier Police, the suspect, 28-year-old John Wallace Kinloch 2nd, of Nashville, is facing multiple charges in Robertson County where he is currently being held. Additional charges in Davison County are pending.

In Robertson County, Kinloch has been charged with DUI, Evading Arrest, Reckless Driving, Reckless Endangerment-Misdemeanor, and Driving On Revoked/suspended License. His bond was set at $25,000. He was booked into the Robertson County Detention Facility in Springfield at 6:24 pm Sunday evening and bonded out at 9:12 pm the same day.

“The suspect appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs making him a danger to the public. The suspect also had outstanding warrants in Davidson County prior to this incident.” Greenbrier Police Captain Todd Dorris

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