Four Adjacent Homes Ignite In Springfield Wed. Evening

Four Adjacent Homes Ignite In Springfield Wed. Evening

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Four adjacent homes in Springfield ignited Wednesday evening causing heavy damage to two. The cause of the fire is unknown but we have no reports of injury from officials at the moment.

The homes are located in a row side by side on Bandera Lane, the first call coming into 911 around 6 pm Wednesday evening. MAP

When firefighters from the Springfield Fire Department arrived two homes side by side were fully involved showing smoke and flames from their attics. The flames reached out to the two outer homes causing damage to a total of four homes.

The 100-degree temperature today didn’t help matters as firefighters courageously entered the homes to extinguish the fires and save property.

Today’s dry conditions and wind coupled with lightning may have contributed. First responders have been battling multiple grass and brush fires across Robertson County that were spun up by strong winds.

This is a developing story, as soon as we have more information, or if the families reach out with any needs they have we will bring it to you.

UPDATE: According to Springfield Officials, the two center homes will be classified as a total loss due to fire, smoke, and water damage. The two outer homes sustained about 5% superficial damage each. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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