Governor Lee To Sign “Stay-At-Home” Order

Governor Lee To Sign "Stay-At-Home" Order

Governor Lee To Sign “Stay-At-Home” Order

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) — On Thursday, Governor Bill Lee announced he will sign a stay-at-home order, citing evidence from sources like Unacast and traffic data that suggest that citizens are not staying home under his previous “safer-at-home” order.

“While many Tennesseeans have made good faith efforts to stay at home, there’s clear evidence that some citizens are beginning to disregard safer-at-home measures,” the Governor said. “It’s dangerous, it’s inescapable and it’s a threat to lives in our community.

“For that reason today I went a step further with my Safer-at-home executive order, and have said that Tennesseeans MUST remain at home unless they are engaging in essential activity,” Governor Lee said.

Smokey Barn News published a report on Unacast on Wednesday. The firm tracks cellphone data to measure human behavior. The firm’s report showed that Tennesseans are not staying at home. For our full report and to see the grade that Robertson County received CLICK HERE.

According to Smokey’s news partner News 5, on enforcement,  Governor Lee sent a letter to every sheriff, police chief and district attorney in the state before his announcement on how to enforce his previous executive orders. The Governor is telling them to use the force of law on those who simply refuse to comply, however, citations or even an arrest would only be as a very last resort.

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NOTE: COVID-19 testing runs from 9 am till 3pm Monday through Friday (for people with symptoms only) at the Robertson County Fairgrounds in Springfield.

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