Greenbrier: Town Square Phase II Businesses Released

Greenbrier: Town Square Phase II Businesses Released

GREENBRIER TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – On the heels of the announcement of Golly G’s Coffee, Ice Cream & Sweets coming to the new Town Square Commons in Greenbrier, three more businesses have been announced.

The name “Town Square Commons” is, in reality, a revitalization of what was once the town’s centerpiece. It’s the brainchild of Jody Dorris and Brandon Frank. Both men are local and share a love for the community. – The project focuses on historic preservation, repurposing existing space, and bringing new businesses to the community.

The project is both restoration and modification. According to Brandon and Jody, the project does call for the buildings to be modified for function and safety but the plan is to preserve as much of Greenbrier’s history as possible. (see video below)

On Friday, Brandon Frank and Jody Dorris announced three more businesses that will be calling the new spot home.

First up is Frankly Yours. “Frankly Yours” will be a trendy boutique specializing in women’s clothing, accessories, home décor, hand-crafted furniture, and gifts. The merchandise will be that of modern style and culture, while the building itself will pay homage to its origins as a turn of the century general store. According to the owners, Amy Frank and Sarah Dorris, shopping at Frankly Yours will be more than simply purchasing items, it will be an experience!

BUSINESS TWO: Taking the spot of the old historic bank will be Jody A. Dorris, Attorney at Law. Operating locally, Dorris practices law with Converse and Underhill, PLLC, in Springfield, Tennessee. His new Greenbrier office will be Dorris’ second location.  This location will be available to meet with clients and better serve the southern portion of Robertson County. Dorris’ focus is estate planning, probate, family law, real estate, and the legal needs of small businesses in the area.

The one-hundred-year-old plus bank building was in need of some TLC. Brandon Frank’s team of highly skilled craftsmen has been hard at work preserving as much of the original structure as possible. The inside is getting a complete makeover but the outside will be recognizable to any Greenbrier time travelers from 1905. Frank’s team started with all new tuckpoint which is the painstaking process of carefully removing and replacing all the old mortar around the brickwork. Then the old windows that had been bricked off years ago were reopened. “It would have been so much easier to just bulldoze the building and start over but that would have been the destruction of a big part of the city’s history,” Brandon Frank told Smokey Barn News. “Now the citizens of Greenbrier can enjoy the building for another hundred years.”

Another historic save was in the adjacent building left of the old bank. Franks’s team was able to preserve enough ceiling tiles from the original building to give the space a truly historic look. A similar example would be Burdett’s Tea Shop & Trading Company in Springfield. If you enjoy local history Burdett’s is a must-see.

Outside his law practice, Jody Dorris is also chief manager of The Viridian Group, LLC, an investment group, which includes Brandon Frank. Jody and Brandon partnered to purchase the buildings that make up the Town Square Commons project. The Viridian Group, LLC is focused on the revitalization of Greenbrier through historic preservation, attracting new businesses to the area, and high-end, modern residential living options; while establishing and maintaining a sense of community.

The third and final addition will be Farm Bureau Insurance. Currently located at the Franklin Center, the firm will relocate once the remodeling is complete.

For more info on the Town Square Commons see the video below.

(L) Brandon Frank (R) Jody Dorris reenact the 100-year-old photo taken back in the heyday of the bank.

Site of the new Frankly Yours
Site of the new Farm Bureau Insurance