Growth in Greenbrier – A Look Forward, A Look Back

Growth in Greenbrier - A Look Forward, A Look Back

Growth in Greenbrier – A Look Forward, A Look Back

GREENBRIER TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – The city of Greenbrier has released its annual report which covers just about everything the city has accomplished in the last year as well as a look at current projects and projects coming down the pike including detailed charts and reports for parks, police, water/sewer and fire services.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen recently met with its leadership team and Gary Jaekel, MTAS Consultant, to conduct an annual strategic planning session. It was at this time that city officials realized how much has been accomplished over the past three years and the results were astounding! Through hard work and dedication, we have reached new heights in our community and are proud to share our success.

At times, achieving city growth required the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to think outside of the box. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine and feel like we’re not making progress towards our aspirations. However, by embracing innovative strategies, we broke free from the status quo and made significant strides towards success. Whether it was trying a new approach, seeking out different perspectives, or taking calculated risks, the Board thought of creative ways to fund new city equipment and park projects.

First, the Board authorized the selling of the timber off city property in order to purchase two public works utility trucks to replace the old dilapidated ones. Next, the Board surplused and sold a piece of land in order to buy a mini excavator for the sewer and water line repairs. Recently, the Board sold an additional piece of property and designated the funds directly for the park. With these funds, the city is able to create an additional entrance to Louise Martin Park behind Field 3, clear the tree line and add fencing, purchase a small tractor and bucket truck.

The Board also approved the City Recorder to transfer city funds to additional LGIP accounts with the Comptroller’s office in order to accrue larger interest revenue. This revenue increased from $9,676.56 in 2021 to over $103,163.81 as of February 2024. Also, from 2021 to 2024, property tax revenues increased $206,864, local option sales tax revenues increased $362,007.27, and state sales tax revenues increased $149,106.56. Included in the increased revenues, the city has also received 6 different grants specifically for the general fund totaling $724,711.22.

For the water/sewer fund, the city has received $3,304,706.68 in grants designated for sewer infrastructure and rehabilitation, increased interest revenue from $7,070.32 to currently $39,195.55. Sewer rate revenue increased $580,870.12 and water rate revenue increased $695,557.42 for a total of $1,276,427.54.

This increase in revenue, along with the numerous grants, has made it possible for the city to stay in compliance with the TDEC Commissioner’s Order that mandates specific rehabilitation projects derived from the lack of maintenance at the sewer plant and in the sewer collections system over the past ten plus years. With all repairs and maintenance updates, the city was granted 135 sewer taps from TDEC and should be granted additional ones this year. It has been a challenge to overcome the past difficulties with the city’s relationship with TDEC and we still have a long way to go; however, we have been dedicated to rebuilding the trust and connections to achieve great success through transparency and collaboration.

The city partnered with TDOT and CSX to complete much needed railroad crossing updates and signage at Wilson Street and Main Street. The next project will be an update to the Lights Chapel intersection, which will be completely funded by TDOT.

As a result of the increased revenues and grants, the city has been able to upgrade department facilities, create a new full time Fire Department, complete a Master Park plan, remodel and replace pump stations, replace dilapidated sewer lines, renovate the park concessions stand, add a sound system, increase security equipment around the city, and much more!

Also, as a symbol of all of the progress and accomplishments, the Board also approved a new city seal that embraces the history and uniqueness of our city.

For the upcoming budget season, the Board will spend most of focus on repaving some of the worst areas of the city.

From new partnerships to innovative ideas, we have been working tirelessly to push the boundaries and set new operating standards. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our amazing Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Leadership team, staff and community. Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for even more exciting updates to come!

For a full list of accomplishments and specific department achievements, please see the attachment or visit our website at


2021: New Commissioner’s Order with Sewer Tap release from 0-135

2021: Wrapped up the previous sewer rehabilitation project and changed Engineering Company

2021: Rebuilt 41 pump station

2021: Grant received to place a fence around public works area at old City Hall location

2021: Regraded and hauled in millings for beer can alley (Greenbrier cemetery Rd)

2021: Governor’s Support Grant received: purchased 2 patrol cars

2021: Remodeled South Street pump station

2021: Re-wired pump station @ Hickory Grove

2021: Governor’s Support Grant received: Bought camera for sewer system to help locate leaks, breaks in the line and water taps

2021: Completed the Parks Master Plan

2021: Completed an updated Water Rate Study- Result in rate increase and negotiated with Springfield to reduced rate

2022: Received a new sound system at ball park

2022: Added maintenance personnel at Sewer Plant

2022: Created a full time fire fighter position

2022: Replaced Culvert on Barwood/ Empson/ Old Hwy Underpass

2022: Re-activated the park board and created the friends of the park board

2022: Completed a new Salary Survey for personnel to attract and maintain quality staff

2022: Staff completed a new process of collecting past due accounts for utilities and property tax to increase revenues All departments created or updated the SOPs

2022: GIS Mapping System

2022: Partner with TDOT & CSX to repair the RR for crossings at Wilson and Main St.

2022: New screens at sewer plant

2022: Cleaned up old city hall lot and moved the BBQ Pit to ball park Sold 615 Tractor in order to purchase 2 tractors and 2 mowers Tourism Grant Received to remodeled bathrooms at ball park

2022: Added additional electricity to entrance of ball park

2022: Cut timber on Sugar Camp property in order to purchased 2 public works service trucks and trailer to haul mini X Built a new storage building at ballpark

2022: Added awning and storage building onto concessions stand

2022: Refurbished outside of press box at ball field

2022: Changed zoning on Old Highway and Nelson Reserve

2023: Added Additional electricity to soccer park concessions building

2023: Added storage racks to public works garage/building

2023: Police grant received in order to send new police officer recruits to the training academy

2023: Updated city personnel and other city Policies

2023: Codified the municipal charter

2023: Entered into a new fleet management program with Enterprise in order to have newer fuel-efficient vehicles and which will decrease the fuel and repair and maintenance expenditures for all departments

2023: Updated all Human Resource policies/documents/files

2023: First in the history of Greenbrier: Created a Full Time Fire Department with 3 shifts and 4 full time employees

2023: PD Grant for additional Equipment that includes body cameras

2023: Grant for the playground at Louise Martin Park

2023: Increased the number of events for the community at the parks

2023: Completion of the New City Hall building

2023: Sold lot on Corner of Old Hwy/Main St and purchased Mini X Purchased a new fire engine

2024: TDEC Grant for additional Water/Sewer infrastructure planning ($329,000)

2024: Updated the City Seal

2024: Sold lot in Shadowbrook Subdivision with funds appropriated for parks

In Process: Putting in a Scada system @ sewer plant.

In Process: Upgrade radios for Fire and PD

In Process: Met with CSX railroad and TDOT- Projects to update safety and precautions for Lights Chapel Crossing Including a red light

In Process: Replacement of Distillery force main

In Process: Remodeling Old City Hall Boardroom to be used as a local community center

In Process: Grant received to add electricity around the backside of Louise Martin Park

In Process: Continuing to build better community relationships with businesses and state departments to enhance the trust that was broken so many years ago

In Process: Planning to repave parts of the city


Separate Sewer into: Collections Sewer Plant. Change Hwy/Streets to Public Works

More focus on Human Resources & Employee Relations

Pay current software company to implement a new onboarding program

Update all city policies with correct verbiage and legal terminology

Increase education & training budgets to continue allowing employees to perfect their skills

Leadership team development

Update monthly finance procedures

Create a monthly schedule for newsletter/Facebook materials

City of Greenbrier marketing materials

Re-evaluate roles and job responsibilities and Create Full time IT Position






General Administration
Building & Codes/ Property

Animal Contro1
City Court
Police Department
Fire Department
Highways & Streets


State Street Aid
Drug Fund
Capital Improvements


Water & Sewer Fund




Greenbrier Fire Department Goals, Needs, & Accomplishments

IS0 Rating: 5/5X


• To provide the best possible fire protection and emergency incident response to our citizens.
• To engage in fire prevention efforts, which include initial and annual fire code inspections for businesses and places of assembly, to reduce the risk of fire in the city.
• To continue to equip and provide for the development of our full-time, part-time, and volunteer members.


• Additional full-time personnel: We know this is a big ask.

As our City grows, the demands for fire department services will increase. Our ability to handle the increased call volume will decrease.

We would like for the City to consider adding at least one, full-time firefighter per year for the next five years, beginning with the ’24-’25 Fiscal Year. This will be working toward a future goal of having each 24 hour shift staffed with 4, full-time personnel.

• A plan to replace another aging fire engine in the next 3 to 5 years.

Our two, older engines are both 28 years old.

The prices for repair and labor at an all-time high, as is the cost for new apparatus.

There are many funding options to research: Grants, lease-purchase, or setting funds aside for a future purchase.

• Turnout gear:

We will need funding to purchase new sets of turnout gear to replace some that are going out of date soon and to equip new members.

• Pickup truck:

We are always finding a need to have a fire department pickup truck.

For scene support to haul dirty fire hose and equipment back to the fire station.

For acquiring materials for station projects and training projects

We would go through the organization that supplied the new police cars.

• Breathing Air Compressor & Fill Station

To refill breathing air cylinders used for firefighting.

This would eliminate the need to travel out of zone to a neighboring fire department (20 minutes away) to refill our air cylinders.

• New Rescue Stabilization Equipment

Replace out of date rescue air bags

Replace dated and limited use rescue stabilization struts

These will be used for complex vehicle accidents and other situations where vehicles or large objects must be stabilized or lifted.

• Full-Time Personnel

In August of 2023, we established 3, 24-hour shifts. All of which are staffed with a supervisor.

In early 2024 we hired an additional full-time firefighter using the increased funding from Robertson County. This has brought us to a total of 4, full-time personnel.

This has had a positive impact on our abilities to deliver services and has improved our abilities to suppress fires quickly. Now, it is rare for a call-for-service to go unanswered.

The recent residential and commercial building fires we have responded to since the first of 2024 are great examples of the benefit of having highly-trained firefighters ready to go.

• Fire Code Inspections

We have begun planning with Lauren to conduct site and building plan reviews for new developments. This is to make sure any new development is built in accordance with the International Fire Code – which mainly concerns fire apparatus access, fire hydrants, and other fire protection or life safety features.

Our goal is to communicate our plan to the Board and to the public that GFD will be conducting annual fire safety inspections.

• Fire Department Leadership Team Meetings

We are meeting regularly as a team to develop new fire department guidelines and procedures, and to support our leaders in performing their jobs.

Each of our part-time and volunteer members has been assigned to a Fire Officer in our Chain of Command. Our goals are to improve communication and to provide each member with a direct contact for any needs they may have.

• Fire Station Updates – In Progress – Complete in June 2024. Using funds from the sale of old fire engine.

We have increased sleeping space in the fire station by constructing a wall in the upstairs room. This will provide for better sleeping quarters for firefighters who are on shift through the night.

New laminate flooring has been installed in the upstairs room.

We are replacing old furniture that was in terrible shape.
New epoxy, metallic flake flooring will be installed in the downstairs office and bathroom areas in early April 2024.

We are planning on building a work station in the downstairs center office and updating the remaining office areas for additional work spaces.

We are planning on purchasing and installing new turnout gear lockers. This will allow for additional space and better organization for our members’ fire gear.




• Parks are for everyone, not just baseball/softball players.
• Everyone, of all ages, should have something to enjoy at our parks
• Greenbrier would like to host State events. State ball tournaments bring the city people from across the State
• Have things in the park that attract tournaments, more ball payers and Greenbrier Citizens


• Have multiple events through out the year for everyone of all ages to enjoy.
• Have hosted multiple state tournaments.

Future Goals:

• LED lights at ball field and soccer field
• Re-surfacing of parking lot at ball field and soccer field
• French drain around Graham Park Playground
• Mulch in all playgrounds
• Baseball/Softball fields need grading, drainage, field mix
• Re-construct field 1 – retaining wall
• Picnic tables at ball park and soccer park
• Floating pier at Greenbrier Lake
• Pavilion at Greenbrier Lake
• Concrete boat ramp at Greenbrier Lake
• Volleyball court at Greenbrier Lake
• Benches along walking trails
• Trailhead at beginning of walking trails
• Shed at soccer park
• Replace helmet and bat box in dugouts
• Road way entering into the ball field behind field 3
• Another ball field- totaling 4
• Purchase land to have soccer
• Pave walking trails

Things Needed:

• Additional staff, full time park maintenance
• Work Shed for equipment- Completed
• Fence around the soccer field- Completed
• Ballfield work: grading, drainage, dugouts, field mix, etc.
• Bathroom concession stand floors need to be grinded and sealed with a safety seal surface- Completed
• All bathroom stalls (at all parks) need work or need to be replaced


• Bigger equipment needed in the concession stand-based on the amount of activity
• New scoreboards- Completed
• Pave walking trails
• Sidewalk / drainage problem between Field 1 and 2- Completed
• French drain around Graham Park playground
• Siding on concession stand- Completed
• Utilize lake property

Things Wanted:

• Civic Center
• Batting Cages- Completed
• Pavilion for the concession stand at the ballpark
• Electrical around the drive- In Progress
• Big playground- In Progress
• Tractor- Completed
• Bucket truck- In Progress

Events Wanted:

• Carnival like Turning of the Pig used to have
• Movies in the park events- Completed
• Christmas lights drive thru- In Progress
• Music night on City Hall grounds
• Christmas Bazaar (shopping) after parade- Completed

Possible Revenue:

• Rent out space in civic center- in process
• Rent out pavilions- completed
• Charge vendors for bazaar- completed
• All events would have concessions available – completed





• Made an up-to-date SOP
• Made an up-to-date EOP
• Made an up-to-date cross connection program
• Made an up-to-date drought management plan
• Made an up-to-date sampling plan
• (All plans and programs have to be updated with the state every 5 years – The last plans and programs on file were 2010 and 2011)
• Clean up all of the water tank sites
• Got in compliance with the state with all of the water
• Bought a mini-x to dig in tighter places
• Replaced valves that were not working
• Replaced fire hydrants that were not working or leaking bad
• Got a up to date map of the water system


• East South Street water tank painted and rehabbed
• West South Street water tank painted and rehabbed
• Go to a drive by meter reading system
• Create a valve book of all of the valves in the system including measurements
• Get a GPS system to take coordinates of all NEW water taps, valves, fire hydrants, fittings, etc
• Get another full-time employee
• Look into a secondary water source


• Rehabbed most of the sewer system that flows into Distillery Lift station
• Rehabbed most of the sewer system that flows into Forrest Oaks 1 Lift station
• Reduced the number of sewer overflows
• In the process of rehabbing the force main from Distillery Lift station
• Got a up to date map of the sewer system before it goes into the sewer plant
• Replaced multiple broken clean out caps that were broke below grade


• Replace the force main coming out of Forrest Oaks 1 lift station
• GIS all manholes
• If possible, get a 3-phase generator at Distillery Lift station
• If possible, get a 3-phase generator at Hwy 41 lift station
• Cut sewer overflows out completely
• Rehab 3 to 4 of the sewer station wells and electric cabinets

Accomplishments/Goals. GWWTP

2020 A new phosphorous reducing coagulant was introduced in to the plant’s process. This product (CC200) successfully reduced/eliminated phosphorus violations.

2021 A new Influent mechanical screening apparatus was installed. This removes large solids (trash) that can damage plant components.

2022 There were 51 permit violations. These violations were Ammonia and Ecoli. There were no Amonnia violations during the 4th qt. We accomplished this by increasing sludge wasting (removal) from the plant and properly aerating the partially treated sewage.

I came onboard as the certified operator in Sept. (Stephanie Toland)

Lance Sperl came onboard in Dec. for maintence at the WWTP and the pump stations in the collection system.

2023 Total permit violations were reduced by 85% from the previous year.

Ross Pendergrass became eligible to take certification exam.

Lance began developing SOP for maintenance for the WWTP.

The WWTP passed the DMR QAQC-43 study mandated by the EPA. This is a national study to evaluate lab performance that is required every 5 years.

2024 The pre-treatment program is now in dormant status per TDEC.

A new permit has been issued and is valid in April. The main change is our allowable phosphorus limit was reduced. This reduction will reduce the use of CC-2000 thus lowering cost.

We will continue striving to improve the quality of the effluent discharged into the stream. And we will continue to operate/maintain the plant in prudent and professional manner.

My greatest concern is with our struggle with the disinfection of the effluent water. The U.V. Disinfection unit is old and antiquated. Our choices of disinfection are limited.




The Greenbrier Police Department has made significant strides in various aspects over the past four years. Here’s a summary of our accomplishments:

1. Reduction In Crime Rate: The number of Police cases cleared by our officers and detectives for 2023 is 70.56% making it the highest clearance rate in many years. The clearance rate for our department in 2020 was 60.5%

The total number of arrests for 2023, (as compared to the totals of the four previous four years), increased by 21.4%.

With a stronger stance against drugs, we increased the number of drug arrests by 56.18% for 2023, (as compared to the totals of the previous four years).

The increases in drug arrests led to decreases in may other crimes for example, Burglary crimes went down by 35.48% for 2023, (as compared to the previous four years).

Assaults other violent crimes against persons, decreased by 13.01% for 2023, (as compared to the previous four years).

Vandalism and property damage decreased by 35.14% for 2023, (as compared to the previous four years).

Recent changes to gun laws have increased the number of individuals we come into contact with possessing handguns. This has led to an increase in the number of weapon violations by 63.64% for 2023, (as compared to the previous four years).

2. Infrastructure Modernization: Improved network capabilities by erecting our internal network servers and increasing internal storage capacity.

3. Criminal Investigation Division: Established a dedicated division in a separate office space, for detectives. A dedicated, secured and monitored criminal interview area. Unmarked vehicles to allow for surveillance, covert operations and investigations with out as much of a safety risk to the investigator.

4. Community-Oriented Programs: Launched several programs such as “Shop with a Cop,” a yearly Christmas toy drive that is conducted by individual officers under anonymity. and an annual fishing tournament, giving back over $20,000 to the community.

5. Security Upgrades: Enhanced security and limited City liability by installing security surveillance cameras at Greenbrier Police Department, our secured tow lot, police storage facility and Animal Control. We installed security camera systems at City Hall, Public Works, Greenbrier Fire Department, Louise Martin Park, and the Soccer Park.

6. Firearms Training Range: Received approval for a police firearms training range for officer qualifications.

7. Facility Upgrade: Moved into a new City Hall with an updated Police Department.

8. Vehicle Upgrades: Obtained five new patrol vehicles allowing us to phased out the older vehicles in our fleet, (2012-2016), with mileage ranging from 94,000 to 153.000 miles. The new vehicles were then properly equipped placed into service.

9. Patrol K-9 Division: Established a Patrol K-9 Division funded by drug funds and asset seizures, granted to the department by the State of TN.

10. Grant Acquisitions: G.P.D. successfully applied for and received several grants;
• Grant for new dash cameras in each patrol car.
• Grant for the replacement of the all police duty weapons, Changing from .40 cal to 9mm.
• Grant to equip police personnel and animal control with body cameras.
• Grant to equip all police vehicles with spike strips.
• Grant to equip all police personnel with much needed body armor and ballistic shields.
• Grant that assisted with the purchase of three two unmarked vehicles for Criminal Investigation Division.

11. Communications Upgrade: Updated police communications to comply with state and federal standards by replacing vehicle and handheld two-way radios.

12. Training: Ensured all officers will have attended and completed A.R.I.D.E. certification for
Advanced Roadside Impaired Driver Enforcement by the end of


13. L.P.R. Acquisition: Obtained License Plate Recognition (L.P.R.) technology.

14. Cross-Training with Fire Department: Initiated efforts to cross-train police officers with firefighters alongside the Greenbrier Fire Department to better serve the city.


These accomplishments showcase the department’s commitment to modernization, community engagement, officer training, and collaboration with other departments for improved public service.

Below are some of the goal that we wish to accomplish in the next four years.

1. Additional Officers: We would like to have at least two more officers placed on the road increasing the size of the police department to 17 officers.

2. Facilitate Training: Host in-service and POST approved classes here at our facility. This will allow our officers opportunities to receive training at a lower cost, if not free. It will also provide GPD with the chance to train in a much more comfortable environment and negate the cost of hotels, travel expenses, meals and fuel costs.

3. Firearms Training Range: Complete construction of our firearms training range. This will allow officers become more proficient with the multiple weapon systems assigned to them by the department, decreasing the liability associated with the use of a firearm in the line of duty.

4. Additional L.P.Rs: Add cameras to the North and South City Limits on Hwy 41S. Add cameras on Dorris Road, Bett’s Road, Kelly Willis, Main Street, Lights Chapel Road, and Old Greenbrier Hwy.

5. Investigative Training: Provide all officers with a basic investigations course. Giving them more confidence to take cases assigned to them one step further removing some the strain placed on CID investigators.

6. Keep Personnel Morale High: Keep the fires burning with the department.

7. Physical Training Course For New Hires: Implement and Construct a P.T. Course for new hires and yearly qualifications for officers.

8. Appoint Traffic Enforcement Officers): Assign two officers, working varied shifts, to specific details relating to traffic. They would respond to random areas within the city with complaints of speeding or reckless driving. The would respond to and work all traffic accidents, from minor private property wrecks to major accident including fatalities.

9. Provide Police Services For The City Of Ridgetop: The entire department would like to see this become a reality.

10. Necessary Equipment: Obtain the necessary equipment for the officers in the beginning stages of the hiring process. We are currently short three wireless routers, four laptops, two handguns, and one vehicle.

11. Community Oriented Police Programs: Implement more programs that would have the police department more involved in the community; Senior Citizens program, Youth Outreach program, more involvement with the children at Christmas. Citizen’s Police Academy. Police and Youth Day at a water Park, on a hike, or even a fishing day at Greenbrier lake.

12. Uniform Allowance: Re-institute the uniform allowance that would allow officers to replace damaged and old uniforms, holsters, belts, boots


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