Husband On The Run After Wife Found Dead In Springfield (STORY UPDATED)

Two Dead In Murder-Suicide In Springfield Friday (STORY UPDATED)

The T.B.I’s press release on the indecent.

Recent Top 10 Entry Confirmed Dead in Kentucky

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) –A recent addition to the state’s Top 10 Most Wanted has been found dead in Kentucky from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound after being stopped by authorities. Earlier today,  at the request of the Springfield Police Department, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation added Joseph Leonard Parker to its Top 10 Most Wanted list.

Around 2:35 this morning, Parker contacted police and advised he killed his wife. When officers arrived at the family’s Clydesdale Lane home, they found the body of Parker’s wife, Samantha Parker. This afternoon, Joseph Parker traveled north of the Tennessee/Kentucky Attachment-1border on I-65.

Authorities from the Kentucky State Police located the vehicle near Mile Marker 12 and later discovered him deceased inside the vehicle from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. The investigation into the circumstances surrounding both deaths continues. The KSP will investigate Joseph Parker’s death, as the Springfield Police Department continues to examine the details surrounding Samantha Parker’s death.


Husband On The Run After Wife Found Dead In Springfield

UPDATE: 4:19PM: According to Springfield Police Chief David Thompson, Joseph Parker, 45 shot himself after a pursuit by multiple police agencies. According to Thompson, Parker pulled over around mile marker 7 on Hwy I-65 in Kentucky and shot himself before officers could reach him.

When police officers arrived at the home this morning they discovered a gruesome murder scene and the body of Samantha Parker, age 44 had been partially dismembered and placed in an upright freezer inside the home.

UPDATE: 4:06PM According to our news partners WKRN News 2,  WBKO-TV in Bowling Green, Ky is reporting that Parker is in custody although no other details were released.

UPDATE: 3:57PM According to Springfield Police Chief David Thompson, he is looking to get final confirmation that Joseph Parker was taken into custody on I65 at mile marker 7.

UPDATE: 3:24PM: Metro Nashville Police believe they have spotted the vehicle on I65 and they are following it. At 3:24 they were at the 120 mile marker. They are not pursuing the vehicle.

According to representatives with Springfield Police, around 2:45AM Friday a man Joe Parker mugallegedly called 911 claiming to have murdered his wife two days ago. (Listen to 911 RECORDING) Police went to an address on Clydesdale Ln and did discover the body of Samantha Parker, age 44.

Police have secured the residence and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has been called in to help with the investigation. It is not clear if the T.B.I will take over the scene.

Police are looking for Joseph Parker, 45, believed to be the husband that called 911. He is described as a white male in his mid forty’s, 6’0” tall, and 200 lbs. The suspect is possibly driving a white 2007 Toyota Camry, Tennessee License Plate 682- NHF.

According to Springfield Police Chief David Thompson, Parker’s cell phone was pinged in Nashville this morning. Parker told a 911 dispatch operator that he was traveling on I-24 heading towards Chattanooga Tennessee, Thompson said..

Police are seeking an arrest warrant this afternoon, Mr. Parker will be charged with criminal homicide, according to Chief Thompson.

According to police, Parker is armed and dangerous. If you come in contact with him, call 911. Do not attempt to approach him.

This is a developing story, Smokey will provide more information as it becomes available.


According to our news partners over at WKRN news 2, Metro police have set up a command at Rivergate Toyota in their search for Springfield murder suspect Joseph Parker.

According to officers on the scene, Parker threatened to come to the dealership to “kill multiple people.” A helicopter is flying overhead. According to sources, Parker previously worked as a salesperson at the dealership, according to news 2.

As this tragic story unfolds please keep the family in your prayers. The family has reached out to Smokey, they are needless to say very saddened and distraught over the situation and are asking for the community’s prayers.

Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact Springfield police at 615-384-8422 or Crime Stoppers at 615-382-3799. All information is anonymous and Crime stoppers will pay up to $1000.00 for information that leads to an arrest.

Below is the 911 call Joseph Parker made to 911 unedited. WARNING: The recording contains graphic content, viewer discretion is advised.

Joseph parker poster



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  1. Neighbor

    Actually, there is one adult daughter, and two grandchildren, not two children.

    And I’ve never heard of Saddlebrook…I consider it all Oakland Farms. I stand corrected. There are several connected subdivisions in Robertson County. Get off your high horse, Oakland Farms. You’re only “elite” in your own minds.

  2. wow

    So from what I’m reading here no one wants it to be in their neighborhood as if you in these certain neighborhoods are “better than” the others that live in Robertson county. I thought we did away with classes of people but for some of you I guess not. Just because you live in a certain neighborhood in a certain home other people’s lifes don’t matter to you. Good job to your parents because the reared a real caring person that cares for their fellow man.. Wake up people. Please look at what you are putting on here.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to both families in this matter. Both families are dealing with a GREAT loss…

  3. JimBob

    I just want everyone to realize that Oakland Farms is NOT in the Legacy subdivision.

  4. Sheri Vanderwood

    I’ve known Joe for 20 years but haven’t seen him in probably 3. Last time I saw him, I was in this house, meeting Samantha, her laughing at herself at what a neat freak she was…my mind can’t grasp the picture of this scenario with the mellow Joe that I was around all the times I spent the night at his home when he was a housemate of a friend of mine.God help us.

  5. Derrick

    Very sad day indeed!!

  6. Alisha

    I was only stating where this took place. The comment about the road was directed to the person that thought it was all the same subdivision. You are right the important thing is that we come together for this family. I apologize if I offended anyone or belittled the situation. This is such a tragic situation and my prayers are with all involved.

  7. Deluka Mendez

    Alisha….who gives a crap if you like the PUBLIC using your street. This story is about a wife, mother, cousin, and grandmother that just lost her life for nonsence. Noone cares about your damn street. People like you are pathetic excuses for ADULTS!! My heart goes out to this family and all the people who ever knew her. Truely will be missed!!

  8. Zach Davis

    …stunned…Samantha used to babysit my son. My son was in the house with this guy. I know this is what everyone always says, but, every interaction I had with him (which was only 2 or 3 times) he always seemed like a really nice guy. Sam had a daughter and a grandchild. Absolutely speechless. Praying for this family.

  9. melissa smith

    People are so stupid who cares where It happened or if in S addlebrook or where ever. A person lost their life and this is a tragedy and all people can talk about is where it happened. This lady is a special person and you people need to stop and think it could have been you or your mom so shut up and think about the sadness in someone’s life and not where you live. Because no one cares I know I do not. I AM SENDING ALL MY PRAYERS UP FOR THE FAMILY AND. YOU SHOULD TOO GROW UP PEOPLE. THIS SADDENS ME DEEPLY. THAT THIS IS OUR SOCIETY NOW.

  10. cowboy joe

    May the Lord comfort the family in this time of sorrow. Prayers for the family.

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    I can’t believe you people are arguing on the name of the subdivision. All of you know the location of where this tragedy occurred. Your concern should be more for the families. Shame on you.

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    Look folks, who gives a bright red rats rump about what street or subdivision this has happened in or about whether or not it is part if the HOA!!!!!! A life has been taken here, a senseless tragedy. Have a little compassion on the friends and family members who may read this article and YOUR comments…. Save your bickering for the sidewalks…. My My. Some folks just have zero tact! Prayers for the Clouse family!

  13. Alisha

    It is NOT a part of Oakland Farms. Oakland Farms is part if the HOA that we as residents pay for and has underground utilities. The houses in Saddle Brook use the entrance through Oakland Farms to get to their house. Which I might add that Oakland Farm residents don’t like considering we pay for the upkeep in our subdivision.

    • Angie

      I can’t believe what this world has come to. Who gives five craps where you live or what your happy or not happy about. Praying for this family. There are so many self-centered and selfish people. Praying for you guys also.

  14. jay swafford

    this location is in SaddleBrook subdivision…NOT Oakland Farms

    • Wanda Keith

      Really ???? Jay swayford ,you had to jump back in here AGAIN and point out that her house is NOT a part of the Legacy subdivision !! Why is that so important NOW ??? There are 2 children that are grieving the loss of BOTH their parents …their mother through a brutal death …. And their father will never be at home with them anymore .and their lives will never be the same … But you and some others are seemingly more concerned about which subdivision it was she lived in ; and that the HOA doesn’t like them driving on that road ???? Shame on yall !!! Tonight when yall drive on that road and turn into your own driveways, maybe yall can say a prayer for the family at the end of that road whose lives are forever changed ! SMH

      • Sharon

        Thank you Wanda Keith. It’s good to see there are some good kind hearted people out there who are more concerned with others than themselves.