Jury Duty Scam Hits Robertson County

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Jury duty phone scam

Jury Duty Scam Hits Robertson County

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – The Springfield Police Department is currently investigating  scam artists that are calling residents claiming they failed to show up for jury duty and must pay fines or risk arrest.

At least two Springfield residents have been targeted with these fake calls in the past few days.

The caller claims to be a sheriff’s deputy with the Robertson County Sheriff’s department informing them that they had failed to appear in Federal Court to serve on a Grand Jury. The caller further tells the victims that they are subject to arrest if they do not pay a fee to the sheriff’s office.

The victims are instructed to put money on a green dot money card or gift card and call the deputy back with the numbers on the card. The scammer claims to put a supervisor on the phone when the victims call back with the numbers.

“At no time will sheriff’s officers or court employees call a prospective juror to tell them that they failed to appear and a bench warrant has been issued. Nor will they ask for personal identifying information, such as bank account numbers or credit card information, they will never ask you to withdrawal money or purchase prepaid credit cards for payment of a fine.”

Anyone who receives such a call is advised to contact law enforcement immediately to file a report.

Anyone with information regarding these incidents is encouraged to contact Springfield Police at 615-384-8422 or Crime Stoppers at 615-382-3799. All information is anonymous.

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