Keep Your AC Going In The Coming Heat (EASY TIPS)

Keep Your AC Going In The Coming Heat (EASY TIPS)

Keep Your AC Going In The Coming Heat (EASY TIPS)

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) –  Air Conditioning (AC) is amazing. Without the marvel of AC, one has to wonder how many other inventions would have never come about because it was just too hot to invent anything. So we thank Jesus in heaven, and of course, Willis Carrier who invented AC while trying to solve a moisture problem at (ironically) a publishing company. Although Smokey Barn News has stood in the heat many times for our readers, we do prefer the chilly atmosphere of our office.

As you know, Smokey Barn News offers the news but never an opinion of it. Just mentioning that AC is great in this report took 77 signatures!! Ok, now that we have established that AC is great, here are some simple tips for keeping this marvel of science going in the heat. You don’t want to be the one that has to call a repairman on the hottest day of the year over something simple!

FILTER: The first, and easiest, is the inside filter. AC filters clog over time, it’s their job to clog. Filters clog so your system doesn’t, and that’s important if you don’t want to meet an AC repairman but filters can only go so long. Experts recommend changing your filter every 60 to 90 days.

When your filter is clogged, the air through the system slows and can actually cause it to freeze up. So you end up with a very cold AC system that can’t blow cold air. It’s better to just change the filter.

Worst case scenario, let’s say you are afraid of your AC system and don’t know how to change the filter. YouTube is full of videos on just about every system in the world. Just enter the name of your system with how to change the filter and you should be good.

Once you have located the filter, take a picture of it on the second-greatest invention in the world, your smartphone, and head over to ACE Hardware. When you are greeted at the door by their friendly staff just show them the photos of your filter. You won’t even have to say anything. Then take the new filter home and install it. Most filters have directional arrows on the side so you know which way to install it. That’s it!

HEAT EXCHANGER: NEXT: OK, so you did the filter. If you’re up for it, let’s move outside and look at your heat exchanger AKA condenser coil. The heat exchanger located outside your home is that box that makes noise and blows hot air when it’s hot outside. First, make sure there’s nothing obstructing airflow. Garden equipment, leaves, trash, and grass can limit airflow in the heat exchanger. Remove what debris you can. Just make sure there’s nothing leaning on or around the box that will reduce airflow.

If your heat exchanger looks really dirty you might try a gentle wash with the garden hose.  Gently hose off loose dirt grass and leaves. Don’t use high pressure or spray water directly inside the heat exchanger or you might damage the unit. Rain coming straight down on the unit is okay, heat exchangers are designed for that.  If the little fins on the heat exchanger look really dirty, head over to ACE Hardware again and ask for a heat exchanger cleaning kit. ACE will be expecting you, we told them you’ll be coming! Once you have the cleaning kit, just follow the instructions. Should be,  spray stuff on -wait a few minutes, and gently rinse off with the garden hose. Don’t be afraid to ask the folks at ACE if you’re unsure what to do.

LASTLY: You might consider bringing your inside temperature up a few degrees to lighten the load on the system, especially if you have an older system that you’ve been nursemaiding along. Ideally, the air coming out of your vents should be about 15-20 degrees cooler than the ambient air in the room. Turning the inside temperature lower will not cool your house faster. The primary factor that will affect your AC system is the relative temperature outside but high humidity can also reduce performance. The best way to help your system keep up with the heat is to help it breathe properly. A brand-new filter and a clean heat exchanger will do just that.

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