Millersville Announces New Police Chief

Millersville Announces New Police Chief 

MILLERSVILLE TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) –  There’s a new Police Chief in town in Millersville. Millersville City manager Caryn Miller told Smokey Barn News the decision became official on January 17, when Mark Palmer was sworn in by Judge John Lowe.

Judge John Lowe swears in Mark Palmer

Ironically it was Lowe who swore in Palmer as a Reserve Officer when he started with the City back in 1991.

Needless to say Palmer is a familiar face in Millersville and has been acting chief for several months.

City Manager Caryn Miller and (now) Police Chief Mark Palmer spoke to Smokey Barn News about the new role Palmer will play in the department.

“In August of 2016 I appointed Officer Mark Palmer as Interim Police Chief. Mark has been with the City for many years and his experience and knowledge of Millersville was the deciding factor in my decision. This was also a way to see if he would be the right person for the job and if he too was comfortable with the position,” Miller said.

Miller added, “Mark has proven over the past 5 months that he is very capable to be at the helm permanently and has turned the department around. The morale has never been higher, efficiencies and policing have improved exponentially, and the comradery between Fire and Police is like no other I have ever experienced in my years as a public servant.”

“I appreciate the vote of confidence from the City Manager as well as the Commission and I look forward to continue serving the citizens of Millersville as I have for many years,” said Chief Mark Palmer.

Palmer took over as interim Police Chief shortly after the departure of former Police Chief David Hindman back in August of last year. MORE

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