Millersville Police Raid Meth Lab: Close Flat Ridge Rd


Millersville Police Raid Meth Lab: Close Flat Ridge Rd 

MILLERSVILLE TENNESSEE (Smokey Barn News) Flat Ridge Rd in Millersville was closed Monday evening and a home quarantined after a police investigation lead Millersville detectives to a Meth Lab operating out of a home which is located at 361 Flat Ridge Rd. MAP Once inside the home detectives discovered two active Meth labs.

Millersville police made an arrest and have began the process of removing the meth labs and cleaning up the home. Though the road will be opened up later this evening, the home itself may need extensive work before it is livable again.

The suspect will be facing charges of Manufacturing Methamphetamine with intent to re-sale as well as one firearms charge. Millersville Police are also looking into the possibility of additional charges.

Millersville Police Chief David Hindman stepped aside to talk to Smokey Barn News about the raid and subsequent arrest.


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