Mistaken Identity All Charges Dropped, Vontez Gardner RELEASED

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Tuesday April 8, 2014
Springfield, Tenn.

Mistaken Identity

…..All Charges Dropped, Vontez Gardner RELEASED

A suspect in a recent robbery has been cleared of all charges in what police are calling a case of mistaken identity. According to Springfield Police Chief David Thompson, “We immediately had him released from jail the minute our investigation revealed that he was not connected to the crime.”

Thompson went on to say that unfortunately eyewitness identifications are sometimes imperfect and sometimes the wrong people get identified. If and when we identify these things we fix them as quickly as we can. Sometimes these things happen, it’s part of an imperfect system dealing with imperfect people that sometimes pick out the wrong people as suspects. We continue our investigation long after an eyewitness identification and in this case our investigation cleared Vontez Gardner of any connection to this case.

Once realizing that he was a suspect in the case Gardner turned himself in to police. That took courage because as we all know sometimes people can end up in jail for years before the truth is revealed. Luckily for Mr. Gardner Springfield Police quickly put it together and released him immediately.

One can only imagine what would be more scary; Being wanted for a crime you did do, or being wanted for a crime you had nothing to do with…

Smokey readers were quick to notice the error, we received many emails, text messages and phone calls indicating that police had the wrong man. We reached out to police and they were still in the midst of their investigation. In a case where you have a witness that mistakenly identities the wrong individual it can take investigators some time to sort it out.

The important thing is that police did figure it out and Mr Gardner was able to hear the wonderful words “Case dismissed, all charges dropped”

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