Neighbors Leap Into Action After Tree Crashes Onto Couple’s Home

Neighbors Leap Into Action After Tree Crashes Onto Couple’s Home

GREENBRIER TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Robertson County is getting its fair share of weather this week and Thursday was no exception. Thursday’s high winds ripped apart a large tree, hurling chunks of it onto a Greenbrier home, through the ceiling, and into a couple’s living room.

The incident occurred just after 7 pm on Thursday evening at a home located in the 2000 block of Old Greenbrier Pike.

Just before the tree fell, the resident, Mr. Shepherd, had fallen by the kitchen taking his new TV with him on the way down as he stumbled. He had injured his arm so they called 911 for medical treatment. Mr. Shepherd says moments later, there was a large boom like thunder. The next thing he knew, first responders were pointing out that a big tree limb was sticking out of their living room ceiling.

“I didn’t even know it, – I said ‘what is that up there?’ She said a limb had come through your house,” Mr. Shepherd said.

Fortunately, no one at the Shepherd home was injured when the big tree came down. Within minutes, neighbors came out of nowhere with chainsaws and elbow-grease end cleaned up a big part of the mess and tarped the roof for the Shepherds.

Robertson County EMS, the Greenbrier Fire Department and Greenbrier Police all responded to the call.

The night before (Wednesday) there was enough weather, rain, and lightning to cause power outages and flooding across Robertson County.

In fact, two motorists became trapped in fast-moving water after flash flooding pushed water levels up over a roadway near Orlinda. The incident occurred on Stark Rd near Hwy 52 around 1:30 am. FULL STORY

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