“No Refusal” Roadblocks Starting Tonight

Check Points Starting Today.

Looking for a list of DUI checkpoints? Well……….

If you don’t plan on driving while intoxicated over the next few days then you can skip this story and good for you..

The Tennessee Department Of Safety & Homeland Security is conducting the new “No Refusal”  Driver License & Sobriety Checkpoints  starting today (Friday) through Tuesday. “No Refusal” means you can’t say no to blood test.  MORE 

For some strange reason (or quirk in the law) they release the locations and times of the checkpoints to the public. Many news agencies will follow suit and provide their readers with a list of the locations and times,  but you will not find any such list on Smokey.

As a news organization we are withholding the information and we do apologize for that but we have no desire to provide data that could assist drunk drivers in avoiding detection on our roadways.To set up  Sobriety Checkpoints (whether you believe them to be constitutional or not) and then publicize the times and locations is not logical and only increases the odds of a drunk driver choosing an alternate route thus placing innocent people at risk.

Many mid-state Counties are participating in the checkpoints including Robertson County,  Cumberland, Wilson, Carroll, Bedford, Maury, Knox, Sevier, Hamilton, Marion, Carter, Greene, Overton, Crockett, Tipton, and Chester.

Be safe, if you drink at all call a cab.  Don’t even make Smokey have to come film your upside-down car surrounded by police in 20 below temperatures as you go to jail.

Jim Ball reporting December 28, 2012

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