VIDEO: Over 200 Gather in Cross Plains To Support Indicted Administrators

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About 200 people showed up at Kilgore Park in Cross Plains Wednesday evening (Location Of Rally MAP) to show support for three East Robertson Elementary School faculty members; Principal Renae Fehrman, Assistant Principal Kecia Young, and Robertson County Schools Administrator Donna Dorris. The three educators were indicted by a the Robertson County Grand Jury for failure to report alleged child sex abuse after an investigation by the Robertson County Sheriff’s office.  iPhone/iPad users click on photo to play VIDEO  To see earlier report: Grand Jury Indicts Three At East Robertson Click Here

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Latest Comments
  1. Interested Citizen

    I can’t believe the above comment. I hope she is not a product of our school system. God Bless

  2. Heather

    Wake up people! To Stand behind people who Not only Allowed abuse the allowed sexual abuse!!! These young children will have to live with this sh** for the rest of their lives, and its a long road ahead. Our children need love compassion and support, Not people rallying together to support the very people whom allowed this. I think the teachers involved as well as Whitlow need to be right there with the other three, Arrested!!!!

    I am shocked of the Stupidity. Idc if these women are your friends and/or family. They were WWrong and need to be punished for it. If my children were involved you better da** well believe I’d have went off even more. I don’t think any child should go through this…not even by another child, and especially adults knowing and acting as if its Not happening!

    What is Wrong in these peoples heads??????? Come on idiots!!!! Support the kids Not the So-Called adults who let the innocence be Stolen!!!

    Just sickening. I’m sooooooo glad I’m OUT of this community!!!! Its went to hell. And what’s worse, is the kids sitting there!! Makes me wonder why a parent would bring them to support pathetic people who obviously don’t give 2 shirt*s about our kids!!!!! Cross Plains has gotten BAD. Y’all need to be cleaning up yalls crap and doing more positive things.

    God bless