Police Allege White House Firefighter Faked Medical Calls To Steal Drugs


Police: White House Firefighter Faked Medical Calls To Steal Drugs 

Michael Ray Bogle Jr 1a
Michael Ray Bogle Jr

WHITE HOUSE TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) –  A firefighter with the White House Fire Department has resigned following allegations that he used his position as a firefighter to ruse residents out of their Oxycodone and other drugs. Michael Ray Bogle Jr, 33, of Hendersonville has been charged with one count of Official Misconduct, two counts of theft under $500, and two counts of simple possession.

According to White House Police records obtained by Smokey Barn News, suspicions about Bogle began back in February when police were called to a home located on Tyree Springs Road regarding stolen medication. The resident told police that on February 15, a man “posing as a fireman” knocked at his front door. The victim told police that he didn’t open the door at first but then realized it was someone from the fire department.

According to the report, the victim told police that the fireman said that someone called and reported that he needed his blood pressure checked. The victim said he didn’t call and no one in his family had called the fire department, the report stated.

Recovery Strategies 300 aThe victim told police, the man then asked to see his medications. The victim complied. After showing the man his medications the man asked for a pencil and paper so he could write them down. The victim told police that he then left the room to retrieve the pencil and paper and when he returned the man had his medication in his hand and said there were 20 something pills in the bottle. The victim told police that there were 73 pills in the bottle on Saturday night.

The victim told police that the fireman then got up and headed for the door, forgot to check his blood pressure and never wrote anything down on the paper.

According to 911 dispatch, there were no medical calls dispatched to Tyree Springs Road that day.

On March 16, at the request of White House detectives, police were called to another home, an apartment in the 3000 block of Hwy 31W. The resident told police that she is prescribed Oxycodone and Alprazolam (Xanax). The victim told police that about three or four months ago she had a medical event and required the services of first responders.

According to the report , the victim told police that about one week later, one of the firefighters (that had responded) showed up at her house to “check her blood pressure, and count her pills.”

The victim said that she allowed the fireman “Mike” in to do these things. The victim went on to say that the “fireman” came by ten to twelve more times over the course of three or four months. The woman told police that the firefighter would come by once a week and would even come by to “check on her” while he was off duty, plain clothed, the report states.

The victim told police that one time she was visiting a friend next door when “Mike” came by to check on her again. The friend told police that “Mike” got out of a brush truck that was driven by another firefighter and came inside. The victim’s friend told police that the firefighter told her she needed to leave because he needed to “count
revised oklahoma bannerthe pills” of her friend, according to the report. That didn’t make any since to the friend, so she questioned him about it. She said the firefighter told her that “They sometimes go to the houses of known drug users and count pills and take unneeded pills to the dispensary at the fire hall,” the report states.

The friend told police that she knew this wasn’t right so she called the Fire Hall and spoke with the Fire Chief. The firefighter was described as being approximately 6′, 240 lbs with short black hair and a round face. The report also mentions that Mike the fireman made mention of a wife and kids and said that he had talked about becoming a missionary with his church.

Smokey Barn News reached out to White House city officials including Police Chief Pat Brady, Fire Chief Joe Palmer, the Mayor of White House Michael Arnold and the city Attorney Valerie Webb, all declined an on camera interview or to comment on the charges citing ongoing investigation.

Smokey Barn News reached out to White House Human Resources and they confirmed that Bogle is no longer employed with the White House Fire Department and that he had resigned.

Though no one would talk on the record, at least one official conceded that there is no way to tell how many victims there could be. Bogle had been with the department since 2008.

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