Police Investigating After Dog Attacks 5-Year-Old Boy in Greenbrier

Police Investigating After Dog Attacks 5-Year-Old Boy in Greenbrier

Police Investigating After Dog Attacks 5-Year-Old Boy in Greenbrier

GREENBRIER, TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – A 5-year-old boy is home recovering after he was attacked by a dog Wednesday evening in Greenbrier. The incident, which occurred at a home on Rose St, is currently under investigation by Greenbrier Police.

The initial call to 911 came in shortly after 5:30 PM. Greenbrier Police and Fire, along with Robertson County EMS, responded to the home. Greenbrier Police were the first on the scene, followed by Fire and EMS, who provided initial emergency care. The young boy, suffering from a serious head injury, was transported to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for pediatric trauma care.

Smokey Barn News has learned that the 5-year-old sustained a significant laceration over the top of his head, extending from approximately his hairline back to somewhere around the crown area, largely behind the hairline. Police referred to the gash as a “big laceration.” The initial officer on scene reported the gash to be approximately 11 inches in length.  Additionally, there were two puncture wounds—one on the back of the head and another just above the eyebrow.

Despite the severity of his injuries, the boy remained stable and is now recovering at home. Early reports are that the boy is recovering well.  Meanwhile, the dog involved in the incident is currently at Greenbrier Animal Control and will undergo a mandatory 10-day quarantine period. Police have clarified that once the investigation concludes and the quarantine period is over, the homeowner may have the option to reclaim their dog. This quarantine is standard procedure to ensure the dog does not have any illnesses or rabies.

Police said the boy was visiting a neighboring home on Rose St. when the incident occurred. As for the circumstances leading to the attack, police believe the boy may have been alone in the backyard with the dog at the time of the attack. However, the exact trigger for the dog’s aggression remains unknown.

The Greenbrier Police Department is currently in discussions with the District Attorney’s office to determine if any laws were broken. Should evidence of wrongdoing emerge, the dog’s owner could potentially face charges. However, it’s important to note that the investigation is still ongoing, and no conclusions have been reached at this time, police said.