Post Storm Tree Cutting Injuries Spike, Officials Urge Caution

Post Storm Tree Cutting Injuries Spike, Officials Urge Caution

Post Storm Tree Cutting Injuries Spike, Officials Urge Caution

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – We have two reports of people being injured in storm-related cleanup activities today. The Robertson County Emergency Management Agency and Robertson County EMS are urging citizens to use caution during the cleanup and offering a few safety tips to keep you out of the hospital.

If you plan to use any kind of equipment, like chain saws, ladders, or any type of cutting tools use extreme caution, said EMA Director Chance Holmes. If possible call a professional but if you plan to do it yourself be careful.

If you have trees or limbs on or near power lines call your utility company, don’t attempt to remove or trim trees near any kind of utility line.  There’s a very real danger of injury from tree limbs that can be catapulted during the trimming process. Chainsaws can also be very dangerous when used on large trees or branches.

Call a roofer if you are concerned about your roof but if you plan to inspect your roof by yourself or plan to trim branches and debris from your roof use caution with ladders or hoisting equipment onto the roof. Each year in the US more than 100 people lose their lives and many more are injured from ladder-related falls.

So far today we have had two serious injuries involving tree and branch removal. One person was injured by a section of a tree that fell onto them and another person fell off a roof while clearing off debris. Both were transported to area hospitals in serious condition. It’s important to remember that even bystanders are at risk of injury from flying debris during cleanup.

Down trees can store a great deal of energy that can be suddenly released when a tree or branch is cut so if you don’t plan to hire a professional, be sure to carefully examine the project before you begin. If you have any doubt -call a pro.

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