Ridgetop Citizens Speak Out After Hearing Talk Of Nixing Police Dept

Ridgetop Citizens Speak Out After Hearing Talk Of Nixing Police Dept 

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RIDGETOP TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – About 70 people attended Ridgetop’s weekly meeting Tuesday evening, all concerned about one thing, keeping the city’s police force intact.

City leaders recently made the decision to change the police force from a 24/7 department to part-time. Following that decision, the idea of completely eliminating the police force had been mentioned at the city’s workshop the night before. Even though it was not on the agenda, citizens concerned about even the possibility that city leaders might eliminate the police force came out to express their concerns.

One by one, citizens came forward to express their support for Ridgetop’s current police force. Smokey Barn News captured the meeting on video.

At times, things did heat up and at one point there was some mild language between a citizen and one city leader, as well as a disagreement between two citizens which resulted with them being separated by police. Though the language was moderate, we will recommend viewer discretion for younger viewers.

The meeting was a culmination of recent accusations from the city’s own police chief that the Ridgetop city leaders were setting illegal ticket quotes for its police officers. There was an investigation but no charges were filed against city officials.

Smokey Barn News has been following this story since it began earlier this year. For the back story and more details see links below.

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