Road Rage (Shots Fired) Incident On Hwy 49 Triggers Search For Suspect

Road Rage (Shots Fired) Incident On Hwy 49 Triggers Search For Suspect

Road Rage (Shots Fired) Incident On Hwy 49 Triggers Search For Suspect

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – The Robertson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a local woman reported that she was shot at and nearly run off the road on Hwy 49 near Orlinda Tuesday afternoon.

“The Robertson County Sheriff’s Office has identified and obtained warrants for Randall Rochell Wilson in relation to a road rage incident on HWY 49E in Orlinda on 9/20/2022,” according to the Sheriff’s Office PIO Jessica Drake. “Warrants are on file for Reckless Endangerment, Unlawful Carrying or Possession of a Weapon, Driving on Revoked/Suspended License, Evading Arrest, Aggravated Assault, and Failure to Appear.”

According to the incident report,  the complainant, Cynthia Hall, called from the Orlinda General Store and stated the subject was armed and had fired two shots out the window of a maroon four-door vehicle while trying to run her off the road.

Minutes later a Robertson County Deputy, traveling on Highway 25 E towards Orlinda, observed a vehicle matching that description. The Deputy pursued the vehicle onto Lakeview Rd. According to the report, the vehicle failed to stop but a tag number was obtained and radioed to dispatch. The driver began passing vehicles on Lakeview Rd and failed to stop for authorities.

The Deputy deactivated their emergency equipment on Lakeview Rd near Hwy 431 N. until approval was given to continue the pursuit. Given the gravity of the situation, the Deputy was given clearance to continue the pursuit of the vehicle. The vehicle, identified as a maroon Chevrolet Lumina, was now traveling southbound on Highway 431 towards Springfield.

The vehicle continued to pass other cars on Highway 431 in a no-passing zone, the report stated. The Deputy was then advised by radio to terminate the pursuit over safety concerns. Several other deputies were in the area of Springfield as the vehicle came into the city and were able to positively identify the male driver being Randall Wilson. The vehicle turned on N Main St and contact with the vehicle was lost a short time later.

The victim, Cynthia Hall, told investigators that she was traveling East on Highway 49 headed towards Orlinda. Hall stated she was driving through the curves around South Lamont and heard a gunshot. She did not think much of it as she thought it was possibly just a hunter in the field to her left. As she continued driving she heard another shot and then saw the maroon vehicle driving close to her rear bumper. The vehicle got beside her rear driver door and was attempting to force her off the road, hall said in the report. Hall stated when the vehicle pulled up beside her car she was able to see the driver and a large gun laying across his lap with the barrel end pointed out the driver’s window towards the fields and not in her direction.

Hall said the vehicle would slow down get back behind her when vehicles came the other direction. After oncoming vehicles passed, the vehicle would again pull up beside her and try to force her off the road. Hall stated she was able to make it to the four-way intersection in Orlinda where two other vehicles were sitting, and with that, the maroon car turned around and headed back towards Springfield.

Deputies boloed the area for the vehicle and it was located unoccupied backed into a parking spot on 14th Ave W in Springfield. On the ground beside the vehicle, an identification card with the name Randall Wilson was located. In the back seat of the vehicle a yellow shirt that Wilson was allegedly wearing was laying on the seat. A wrecker took the vehicle to the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office. A search warrant was applied for and granted by Judge Joel Perry for the vehicle. Inside the vehicle Deputies found an ammunition box containing 13 rounds of .22, two loose .22 rounds, a spent .22 cartridge, a yellow jersey shirt, and a platinum rewards card with Randall Wilson’s name on it. Under the hood of the vehicle Deputies found three 9mm spent cartridges, the report said.

A short time later a call came into dispatch in reference to a rifle on the side of the roadway on Richards St. The weapon came back stolen. Investigators were able to connect the rifle to the maroon vehicle.  The rifle was taken as evidence and will be sent to TBI to be fingerprinted and analyzed along with the spent .22 cartridge. The suspect is still at large.

Our news partner WKRN News 2 interviewed Hall in a special report regarding the incident. To view the report click here.

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