Robertson Co. Schools Adresses School Safety In Wake Of Nashville Shooting

Robertson Co. Schools Addresses School Safety In Wake Of Nashville Shooting

Robertson Co. Schools Addresses School Safety In Wake Of Nashville Shooting

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – In the wake of the shooting at Covenant School in Green Hills on Tuesday, Robertson County Schools have released a statement regarding student safety and preparedness in Robertson County.

“Robertson County Schools works in partnership with Robertson County Sheriff’s Office to ensure the safety of all students. Every potential threat is investigated thoroughly.

“Every school year a school administrator and local law enforcement personnel conduct a school safety assessment that is submitted to the state. This assessment helps the school safety team update the school’s Emergency Operation Plan (EOP). The EOP is used to guide staff members when there is an emergency at a school. The EOP is reviewed thoroughly with all school employees and is kept at the school for employees to review in the future, as needed. These plans are not shared with the public.

“The teachers and staff of every school are trained yearly by our district safety person, and the captain of our local Sherriff’s Office. Each school has a trained school resource officer. Please know that we take the safety of your child, school personnel, and all other students in Robertson County Schools seriously, and we will continue to work with the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office to update the EOPs and the training provided to our staff members.”

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by the tragic shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville. Please keep all involved in your prayers.” Robertson County Sheriff’s Office

The thoughts and prayers of the staff at Smokey Barn News will be with the families, faculty, and students affected by Tuesday’s tragedy as they face the days ahead.

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