Robertson County Courthouse Clock Tower


Robertson County Courthouse Clock Tower

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – We’ve all heard the bell on the beautiful old Robertson County Courthouse chime out the hours of the day. The old clock has been counting out the hours since 1926.

Clock 1 jim

Jim Ball poses next to the Robertson County Courthouse clock

Jim Ball of Smokey Barn News is also a horologist (Clock Maker).

Back in 2007 Mr. Ball completely restored the old Robertson County Courthouse clock and he continues to maintain and set the clock when needed to this day.

In the video above Jim takes you on a rare tour of the tower and clock room and even takes you up to the roof so you can see for miles.


Clock 8

Jim Ball works on the clock during the renovation of the building back in 2007.

Clock 2
Clock3 Clock4



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  1. Barbara Allender

    Thanks for sharing (found out about this via my brother who lives in the area). I work for a newspaper and have covered news of our clock tower which has been restored in Lawrenceville, IL. Other parts of our courthouse are being restored as funds are available. Enjoyed this…informative and entertaining!