Robertson County Gets New Exotic Pet Shop

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Sunday June 1, 2014
White House, Tenn.

Robertson County Gets New Exotic Pet Shop

Robertson County has a new pet store but it’s no ordinary pet store, they have some very strange and beautiful animals. It’s called Gone Wild Exotics and it’s worth a drive over to see their wonderful inventory. If you are used to driving far away for “quality” pet supplies, those days are over. The owner Carla Catlett said she started the business out of a love for all things animal.

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Latest Comments
  1. Maria Lopez

    Wow really wow. You are a real pet lover, wish you luck for this shop. I am a Guinea Pig owner and I really want to see them growing by numbers. But I don’t think I will sell them because I do really want to see them always when I came back home. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.

  2. Reese Strong

    I’ve been wanting to start my own pet-care business too because I just realized that I actually have a dozen and a half of mammals and reptiles lurking in my house. haha. But I still have many things to consider like I have to be more knowledgeable with animals. Anyway best of luck with your pet store.

  3. Kate

    I’m sure Robertson County Animal Control is going to see a rise in intakes at the shelter for all the people buying pets and tired of them after a couple of months. Why support the exotic trade business? These animals don’t belong in cages and of you want a domestic animal like a dog or cat, adopt them from the shelter. Don’t buy them from a pet shop that supports and get their animals from puppy mills. Bad idea!!!