(See Suspect In 3D) Papa John’s Robbed, Help Portland Police Identify Suspect


The Portland Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying the man in above 3D-photo.  The suspect robbed at gunpoint the Portland Papa John’s restaurant located at 140 West Knight Street in Portland TN last Wednesday, Dec. 5.  Map  of Location:-> http://goo.gl/maps/5igWG

At about 8:30 p.m., the suspect, who is described as approximately 5’10” to 6’2”  with a thin build, entered the Papa John’s and asked to use the restroom. He left the store for a minute and briefly entered the wine & spirits store next door. He didn’t like something he saw (probably the surveillance camera) and promptly walked out.  He then returned to Papa John’s and ordered a pizza.

The suspect then approached the manager and  displayed a handgun.  The suspect then escorted the manager to the office and demanded money. As the suspect fled the store he ordered the manager not to call police for ten minutes. He exited through the back door.

If you should have any information regarding this robbery, please contact the Portland Police Department at (615) 325-3434.

The image above is a 3D rendering extrapolated with a technique developed by Jim Ball of Smokey Barn News. The graininess of the original images limit the usable data but sometimes the tiniest bit of information can solve a crime.  Only the door and the suspect will appear in 3D because they were the only things in motion at the time of extrapolation.
For full 3D INSTRUCTIONS, read below..


To see this photo in 3D requires NO glasses or equipment. For your first try, display the image at full screen or as large as you can get it. Then sit 3 OR 4 feet back from your screen (the closer you are the harder it is to do), then extend your arm out straight and point at the bottom of the center black line in the middle of the 2 pics, then look at your fingertip, then slowly move your finger towards you but keep your mind on the photos. As your finger gets closer to your face you will see a 3rd image starting to appear in the middle, keep moving your finger closer to your face until the 3rd image becomes the same size as the outer two. Your brain will naturally try to lock the center image. When the center image locks (voila) it becomes 3D.. You also need to keep your eyes level with the photo.If you are having trouble you might try moving back farther from the screen. The technique is called (Cross View 3D)  Most people can do it with practice, but it’s just impossible for some, so don’t feel too bad if it just doesn’t work.
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Jim Ball reporting December 15, 2012