Sheriff’s Office Phone Scam ALERT

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Phone Scammers Impersonating Sheriff’s Office

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – The Robertson County Sheriff’s Office has been made aware of another scam that is impacting our community. This time, callers are stating that they are a representative of the sheriff’s office and that the victim has missed jury duty or missed a court appearance. The victims are then threatened with arrest unless they pay a fine by wiring money to an undisclosed location.

Please be aware that the sheriff’s office or its employees will neither solicit you for any money over the telephone, nor would we have you wire it through Western Union or another wire transfer service to an undisclosed location. In some of the most recent cases, the scammers are giving the name of an actual county employee.

Again, the sheriff’s office will not order you to pay a fee or fine over the telephone, using a “MoneyGram” service like Western Union SpeedPay.

Please inform your family and friends of this scam so they do not become a victim.

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