Springfield Cinema Has A Question For you…..

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Old Times at the movies

Springfield Cinema Has A Question For you…..

The Springfield Cinema would like your opinion. They have begun the process of collecting bids to repair the marquee and are examining the feasibility/profitability of reopening the balcony for seating.

The question they have for you is; as they make repairs, should they modernize the appearance of the front of the building and the marquee, or should they go with a more historical approach?

You have until the 10th of October to submit your thoughts in comments below. On the 11th of October your responses will be delivered to Carmike management.

Start your comment with either “OLD” or “NEW” then feel free to comment.

To join the hundreds of folks on Facebook already casting their opinion follow this link: (COMMENT HERE) or if you do not have a Facebook account leave your comment below.

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The movie theater in Springfield is the one place we all end up at one point or another. It’s the closest theater around. It has also been a fixture in Springfield for generations. It’s one of the few things in Springfield that seems changeless and timeless in a sea of changes going on around us every day.

The theater has been in fact so changeless that it’s in need of a little TLC. The theater decided to start looking into making a few changes and as the bids came in the question was, should we go old school or give the theater a more modern look. After some thinking, they decided to put it to they’re customers, you. So what do “you” think,  should the theater go old school or give it a more modern look?

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Latest Comments
  1. DAVID B.

    Old : I would like to see the theatre completely remodeled but with a Classic look and feel. As for the inside PLEASE remodel lobby and rest -rooms. Everything in the lobby looks dirty and worn and the rest rooms are so bad that my wife and daughter refuse to use them. We’ve watched countless movies here the last 30 years but now usually go elsewhere. Fresh clean look !!

  2. Pam Thomason

    Old, the theater is located downtown where all the historical requirements are put in place for the businesses. It only makes since to make it nice but keep the historical theme going.

  3. Turd Ferguson

    Old with a caveat. Rather than just running the latest Disney flick all the time, perhaps screen old classics or cult favorites on occasion? I think you’d draw a pretty good crowd with a screening of Gone With The Wind, or even something a little less classy (but no less classic!) like Evil Dead.