Springfield Continues Progress In Sewer System Rehabilitation

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Thursday Feb. 27 2014
Springfield, TN

Springfield Continues Progress In Sewer System Rehabilitation

The City of Springfield continues to make steady progress in performing sewer system rehabilitation work to meet the requirements of the EPA Administrative Order on Consent. The work to be performed under contract with Insituform Technologies, LLC to repair the Circle Drive area collection basin began on August 24, 2013. This contract is in the amount of $2,376,615. The repair of this basin is ranked as the highest priority rehabilitation project. The contractor has 270 days to complete the project and the final completion date is May 22, 2014.

carpet one 300 adAll of the main repair using cured in place pipe has been accomplished as of mid-February. Over 31,000 linear feet of sewer main has been rehabilitated using this method. The contractor is now in the process of making point repairs to mains and service laterals, and repairing service laterals using cured in place pipe. The total number of service laterals to be repaired is 390. Clean-outs will be installed on service laterals where necessary. A total of 120 sewer manholes will also be sealed as a part of this contract.

StoneGateThe second highest priority project is the repair of the basins serving the Stonegate subdivision area and the Old Greenbrier Pike area. American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation has been awarded a contract in the amount of $1,298,575 for this work. The contract will take 180 days to complete. Work on this project began on January 27, 2014 and final completion is scheduled for July 26, 2014.

8651737_sThe contractor on this project is in the process of televising (viewing) sewer mains in preparation for construction. The scope of the contract will involve rehabilitation of 8,810 linear feet of main with cured in place pipe, the replacement of 3,800 linear feet of 6-inch main with new 8-inch main, the sealing of approximately 100 manholes, and the repair of 115 sewer laterals by point repair or cured in place pipe.

19267096_sAt the November 2013 regular meeting, the Springfield Board of Mayor and Aldermen authorized the expenditure of $1,795,976 for the next tasks to be performed under the engineering contract with Gresham, Smith and Partners. The work involves preparing documentation, reports, and policies and procedures required to be submitted to the EPA; testing and evaluating the next series of sanitary sewer collection basins; and preparing contract bid specifications for the next eight sub-basins to be rehabilitated. The City has been staying on schedule in submitting the required quarterly progress reports to the EPA.

Update provided by Springfield City Manager Paul Nutting.

Jim Ball reporting

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