Suspected Gunman Captured On Anniversary Of Spiffy Clean Robbery

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Suspected Gunman Captured On Anniversary Of Spiffy Clean Robbery

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – It was one year ago today that a man with black tape on his shoes and a shirt pulled over his face entered the Spiffy Clean Car Wash in Springfield with a gun and demanded money. (Click here for Smokey’s original report)

Now, one year later to the day, a suspect is in custody. Though the gunman acted alone that night, police say the robbery was planned by three local men.

JOHN ROBERT ELMORESpringfield Police Detective Rickie Morris believes that the man with the gun that night was 21 year old John Elmore of Greenbrier. Detective Morris told Smokey Barn News Wednesday that Elmore was already wanted for another crime the night of the robbery. He was arrested and served a short stent but was released before Morris was able to complete his case against him.

After that Elmore seemed to disappear, Morris said.  There was word Elmore was in Texas but Detective Morris said that may have been a ruse. Finally, today Elmore was captured during a routine traffic stop that turned out to be not so routine.

Elmore was pulled over by Robertson County Deputy Cody Gupton on Tom Austin Hwy just outside of Springfield. A routine check by the deputy revealed that Elmore was wanted for armed robbery in Springfield.

Image_2014-11-11_19-14-50_498According to Detective Morris, Elmore went quietly and at 3:47 p.m. Wednesday afternoon (one year to the day of the robbery) he was booked into the Robertson County Detention facility in Springfield on a $35,000 bond. “Elmore was indicted earlier this year by the Robertson County Grand Jury for aggravated robbery,” Morris said.

Detective Morris said he cant reveal all the details about the evidence against Elmore but he did say that Elmore was at the car wash earlier that same day and the gunman was wearing the same clothing.

To disguise himself the gunman pulled a shirt over his face and used black tape to hide his shoes but otherwise the clothes were the same,” Morris said..

Detective Morris believes that, though the gunman acted alone that night, two other men participated in the planning, including an employee of Spiffy Clean Car Wash, 20 year old Kevin R. McGuire of Springfield and 21 year old Brandon Lee Reynolds of Springfield.

Reynolds and McGuire were arrested and booked earlier in the year, Morris said.

Morris also said that though Reynolds and McGuire didn’t actually participate in the robbery itself, their alleged involvement in the planning was enough to get them charged with the same crime, armed robbery and they both faced a $35,000 bond just like Elmore.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.



Armed Robbery At The Spiffy Clean On Memorial Blvd Tuesday

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