T-bone Wreck In Springfield Injures One, Sends Family Pet Running

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 Smokey Barn News, October 14, 2013 Springfield TN

T-bone Wreck In Springfield Sends Family Pet Running

An accident occurred on Memorial Blvd and 5th Ave Monday evening around 10:45 P.M. The wreck involving a pickup truck and a car was strong enough to send both vehicles spinning after the initial collision. The two vehicles collided in the intersection.

a 018The driver of the pickup was transported to NorthCrest with non life threatening injuries. The other driver was not injured according to Captain Pulley of the Springfield Fire Department. There were no other occupants in either vehicle. The wreck was violent though, enough to cause the driver to be trap in the pickup along with one of the two dogs which was in the back seat we believe.

Springfield Fire dept freed them both. The smaller lighter colored dog pictured below seemed shaken but OK. The other dog went running towards the Robertson County fairgrounds after it was freed by fire crews.  It ran up 4th Ave into the subdivision (See Map) The dog is a mixed breed with a black coat and a little gray in the face.

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According to the mother of the driver of the pickup the dog has been skittish ever since being hit by a car a year or two ago. If you see the dog call Smokey at 615 513-9844.  It is a medium sized dog with a dark coat. It seemed distressed but probably isn’t going to attack. Be careful though because the dog may have internal injuries. The dogs name is Abby.

According to Police, the driver of the red vehicle said he was trying to beat the light. The driver of the red vehicle was also taken into custody under suspension of DUI.

This was one of two wrecks on Memorial Monday evening, to see photos of that wreck scroll down.

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BELOW: Three hours earlier at 6:52 P.M. there was another wreck just up the street at Memorial and 10th. At least one person was hospitalized in that wreck also. It appeared to be a rear end type of collision involving three vehicles. A busy night for our rescue teams.

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