The Daily Brief….March 14, 2024

The Daily Brief….March 14, 2024

The Daily Brief….March 14, 2024

STORIES- Reader Notice, Double Murder update, Beautiful Moon, Teen Still Missing


ROBERTSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) –  The Daily Brief covers alerts and social media posts that don’t make it out to our website. We have received numerous messages from Smokey readers that are not on social media and therefore miss many alerts. If you are not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (X) then this report is for you. This report (published daily) will mirror all of our social media accounts.  Updates will be added to the Daily Brief throughout the day.  Just reload this page to see the most current content for Thursday, March 14, 2024. So, if you are not on Social media, Smokey’s Daily Brief will keep you in the loop!

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It appears that winter decided to end today.

Hundreds of discarded needles found near Greenbrier. Cleanup underway.

UPDATE: Road now clear.
12:57 PM
We have a three-car motor vehicle rear-end collision, non-injury, on Highway 49 at Forest Park just outside of Springfield. If you’re leaving Springfield heading towards I-24, it appears that you can avoid the crash by using Lahr Rd. One lane is currently closed. If you’re going to continue on Highway 49, watch for first responders in the roadway and expect delays.

Attention Daily Brief Readers,

You may have observed occasional gaps in our Daily Brief publication. This occurs when there are no additional updates or posts made on our social media platforms beyond our main website articles, which are automatically shared. While we strive to provide regular updates, days without a Daily Brief indicate there were no supplementary reports or events beyond what’s already available on our website. Just didn’t want you to think we forgot about you!!!

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Smokey Barn News

Springfield Double Murder

We have updated our report on the double murder of two women that occurred in broad daylight Sunday afternoon in Springfield. The updated report, which includes the identity of the victims, is now available here.

Beautiful Moon Wednesday Night..
We had a beautiful crescent moon on Wednesday. The dark side of the moon was illuminated by sunlight reflected off the earth!  It’s called “Earthshine.” The best time to see Earthshine is during the new moon. Even though we are not in a new moon phase, clear weather over the Indian Ocean might be allowing more light to be reflected back to the moon. We would’ve taken a picture, but none of our cameras seem to be up to the challenge. Fortunately several of our readers submitted some great photos. Here’s a couple of photos from Jason D. Knight and Brandi Hunter.  For all the rest on FB CLICK HERE. If you’re not on FB just X out of the login window.
PHOTO Brandi Hunter
PHOTO: Jason D. Knight


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