THP To Conduct Upcoming Driver’s License Checkpoint

THP To Conduct Upcoming Driver's License Checkpoint

THP To Conduct Upcoming Driver’s License Checkpoint

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – The Tennessee Highway Patrol will be conducting a driver’s license checkpoint on May 27, 2022 on US Highway 31W at the Red River Bridge in Sumner and Robertson Counties between 9 – 11AM.

Recognizing the danger presented to the public by unqualified drivers, Troopers will concentrate their efforts on vehicles being operated by drivers who violate the driver’s license laws of Tennessee.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol has found these driver’s license roadside safety checkpoints to be an effective means of enforcing driver’s license laws of Tennessee while ensuring the protection of all motorists.

Why do police advertise checkpoints ahead of time?

Because of the Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens against unreasonable searches and seizures, however, sobriety checkpoints are not prohibited by the Fourth Amendment (if) police advertise them in advance. There are even Apps that display police checkpoints on a map by using GPS and self-reporting by other users, similar to what Google Maps does with its traffic congestion feature. In fact, if a police checkpoint causes any kind of back up it will likely appear as congestion on Google Maps automatically.

Standard protocol at a police checkpoint is to collect the person’s name and ID which is run for wants and warrants.  If you don’t have a valid license you will likely be cited.

If stopped at a sobriety check, police may also determine that there is “probable cause” to search a vehicle. That could lead to finding illegal drugs or weapons, according to Wikipedia.

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