TN Senate Republicans Support Trump’s Challenge Of Election Results

TN Senate Republicans Support Trump's Challenge Of Election Results

TN Senate Republicans Sign Letter Supporting President Trump’s Challenge Of Election Results

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – As the world waits for certification in one of the tightest presidential races in US history, a letter signed by members of the Tennessee Senate Republican Caucus expresses their support for President Trump’s challenge of election results.

The letter reads;

“Dear Tennessee Voters,

“The Tennessee Senate Republican Caucus stands absolutely and unequivocally with President Donald J. Trump as he contests the unofficial results of the Presidential Election of 2020.

“While this election may have been “called” by various media outlets, the election process is far from over. This election was extremely close in multiple states across the country. The coronavirus pandemic led to an extraordinary amount of absentee ballots and voting by mail. We believe that, due to unprecedented mail-in voting and razor-thin margins in multiple states, the ultimate result remains uncertain.

“There have been reports of irregularities in many critical states such as Michigan, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Until these irregularities have been thoroughly investigated and court appeals have been exhausted, no winner should be declared.


“This is not an unprecedented situation. In 2000, the Presidential election result was not clear until December 13. This was after several recounts and court challenges. President Trump has at least another month to contest this election through recounts and litigation, as Al Gore did. We support him in this effort to ensure the integrity of our election process is preserved.

“This is an important election. There is no reason to come to a premature conclusion with this many lingering questions. While the results of most presidential elections are clear on or around election day, the results become official only when the presidential electors vote in December. President Trump has a right to challenge the results of this election until at least that point.

“We support him in doing so and encourage all Tennesseans and Americans to be patient until the result of this election can be determined.

Lt. Governor Randy McNally, Jack Johnson, Ken Yager, Ferrell Haile, Paul Bailey, Mike Bell, Rusty Crowe, Becky Massey, Steve Southerland, Bo Watson, Janice Bowling, Joey Hensley, Ed Jackson, Jon Lundberg, Frank Niceley, Mark Pody, Bill Powers, Shane Reeves, Kerry Roberts, Paul Rose, John Stevens, Art Swann, Page Walley, Dawn White.”

NOTE: How did Trump do in Robertson County? Donald J Trump (R) – 24,535, Joe Biden (D) – 8,690.

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