Tricias On The Square Closes after 13 years

January 17, 2013

Tricias On The Square Closes after 13 years

After about 13 years in operation Tricias On The Square has closed it’s doors. It wasn’t long ago that they expanded to twice the size to entertain larger crowds. A walk by their doors on Friday or Saturday evening would almost always reveal a happy group celebrating one thing or another.

Tricias On The Square was started by Tricia Templeton and Tricia Bruce and originally called 2 Trisha’s on the Square. They were big into catering we’re told. As we understand it the two Trisha’s met while working at Chefs Market in Goodlettsville some years ago.

So what is it about the square in Springfield? There have been at least 4 restaurant closures on the square going back to the loss of Bobby Hamilton Jr’s hamburger joint. After that, someone else gave it a try. Then it was D-Squared (part of The Depot restaurant). Heck, if the amazing brains behind The Depot couldn’t make it work on the square then who the heck could? At any rate,  more recently Pepe’s Express gave it a go and now Tricias has closed.  Two different sources told Smokey that the closure may have had something to do with family related illness, but whatever the cause it’s still sad to see another restaurant fold up on the Square in Springfield.

For those of you that know the area around the beautiful recently restored Robertson County courthouse, what do you think the problem is? Is it the economy? Is it the location? Perhaps lawyers don’t eat that much.

Burdett’s Tea Shop is now the only place to wet your whistle or get a bite for lunch if you find yourself on the Square in Springfield. They’re located at Main and 7th and have one of the most beautifully designed interiors you’ll find in the area. They spent some serious coin updating and modernizing the building while doing everything in the world to keep the buildings original design elements like the amazing restored tiled metal ceiling.

Smokey stopped by to see how Burdett’s felt about losing Tricias and here’s what the owner Sandy Ramsey had to say about it;

“We are certainly sorry to see Tricias close and to lose a business on Main Street.  If more businesses are open in the down town area more traffic is generated and that is good for everyone. Losing a neighboring business affects those of us who remain.  I know they will be missed on “the Square”.”

At any rate, I for one will be excited to see a restaurant and even some retail shops that can figure out the formula for making a profit on the Square.

What’s your best guess? Do you have a vision of what downtown Springfield could be?


Jim Ball reporting January 17, 2013