Two Bomb Threats In Robertson County In As Many Days

Two Bomb Threats In Robertson County In As Many Days

Two Bomb Threats In Robertson County In As Many Days

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Officials in Robertson County have had their hands full with two bomb threats in as many days.

The first call was paged out at 5:44 PM Monday and was reported as a “bomb threat” at the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office. MAP  Minutes later a call went out about a “suspicious package” at the Robertson County Courthouse. Law enforcement had units at both the Sheriff’s Office and the Robertson County Courthouse. The two structures are about four blocks apart, or as-a-crow-flies about 1300 feet.  MAP

According to Smokey Barn News sources, in addition to the bomb threat, the caller indicated that he had a pistol.  After a thorough search, all units cleared and business went on as usual. All units cleared at 6:12 pm.

The Robertson County Emergency Management Agency, the Springfield Fire Department (with their ladder truck), the Springfield Police Department, the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office, and Robertson County EMS all responded to the scene.

The second call went out Tuesday evening at 5:21 pm, about the same time as the night before. This time the target was the Bell Witch Cave off Keysburg in Adams. MAP Smokey Barn News confirmed that officials were told that the caller stated that “he had a 100 lbs of fertilizer bomb on him” -a pistol- “and he wanted to go down as the guy that took out the cave.”

Again, law enforcement (in freezing temperatures) searched the area and found nothing.

From what Smokey Barn News has learned, all three incidents are likely the same individual. The Robertson County Sheriff’s Office called the incidents “swatting calls” and charges would be at the discretion of the District Attorney’s Office.

These kinds of calls consume a tremendous amount of resources and time for our first responders who already have a lot on their plate. In the past, with similar incidents, Smokey Barn News was told by local law enforcement that, when caught, the caller might be facing charges of “Filing False Reports,” which could be considered a class “C” Felony and each call is considered a separate crime, so here (including the courthouse) we could have three.

Robertson County has a strong track record of identifying and apprehending individuals in these situations. With advanced tools, hiding is increasingly difficult, even in the digital realm. The Sheriff’s Office achieved its quickest capture within 24 hours in a similar case. The best course of action for the perpetrator is to surrender.

If you have any information regarding these incidents, you are encouraged to call the authorities.

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