UPDATE: Country Cupboard Robbery: SUSPECT IN CUSTODY


UPDATE: Country Cupboard Robbery: SUSPECT IN CUSTODY

UPDATE: Country Cupboard Robbery: SUSPECT IN CUSTODY

COOPERTOWN TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – The Country Cupboard Market in Coopertown, located on the corner of Tom Austin Hwy/431 and Old 431 N. MAP  was robbed last Monday, according to police, by a regular customer.


The next day Police identified Steven Huston Walker, 31, of Springfield as a suspect in the case. Now, according to police, Walker is in custody.

According to Coopertown Police Chief Laurence Dennis, Walker was taken into custody at a home located on Carden Circle in Springfield Sunday.

According to a source, Police received the tip about Walker’s location at 1:55pm Sunday afternoon. According to 911 radio traffic, around that same time, medics were called to an address on Carden Circle in regards to a tasing incident.

Walker 10/2/2016 Robertson County Jail

According to Robertson County Sheriff’s Office PIO Ryan Martin (who also confirmed Walker’s arrest), after the arrest, Walker was taken to a local hospital for precautionary reasons but Smokey Barn News has yet to officially confirm with authorities that Walker was the one tased.

According to a source close to the situation, Walker said “He wasn’t going back to prison, he said he would run, or be killed but he wasn’t going back.”

Coopertown Police Chief Laurence Dennis spoke to the victim of the robbery, Danny Lachman, Sunday evening to relay that Walker was in custody. “Mr. Lachman wanted to thank everybody involved.  Getting the suspect in custody helps relieve a lot of anxiety related to the violence of the crime.”

gap-hiring-300b“A lot of citizens came forward, I think a lot of people were pretty offended that some people they liked in the community were victimized in that way. It really was a big community effort, Chief Dennis said”

Chief Dennis also wanted to give special thanks to all the citizens and law enforcement in Robertson County for their help.

Walker will be facing charges of Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Resisting Arrest and Violation Of Community Corrections. Walkers bond has been set at $175,000.

Danny Lachman and his wife Harsha have operated the Country Cupboard Market at that location since 1987.

On Monday September 26, a little after 3:00p.m., Danny Lachman was entering the market with several days of receipts under his arm in a bank bag. He was returning so his wife could take the deposits to the bank. As Mr. Lachman entered the store he encountered a customer at the counter talking with his wife. The man called him by name, said hi and then grabbed the bank bag out from under his arm.

“I thought he was going to playfully take it out and hand it back but then he ran out the door with it,” Mrs. Lachman said.

Mr. Lachman ran out the door after the man and his wife Harsha followed. The suspect got into a white SUV that had been left running. The vehicle was sitting at pump number one. Mr. Lachman ran to the vehicle, opened the door and tried to retrieve the bag. The suspect hit the gas, dragging Mr. Lachman about 20 feet. When Mr. Lachman fell free of the vehicle he hit his face on the ground. He injured his nose but was otherwise OK.

Keystone 300Though the Lachman’s recognized the suspect as a regular customer, they were not able to put a name to the face.

According to Coopertown Police Chief Laurence Dennis, Steven Huston Walker, 31, of Springfield with possible ties to Montgomery County, was identified as a suspect in the robbery. Chief Dennis said that Walker was picked out of a photo line-up.

Chief Dennis told Smokey Barn News that customers were instrumental in identifying Walker as a suspect.

VIDEO REPORT: From the day of the robbery.

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